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TGITuesday? and The Grateful Dead

A lifetime ago one of my best friends and I saw The Grateful Dead in Tampa Florida (this included Jerry Garcia).  I was amazed by all the hippie love, dancing, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  One girl in particular danced the entire concert and never looked towards the stage one time.  I also remember…

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Friday The 13th’s Bad Mojo

Because belief is a POWERFUL thing… You will want to acquire those things that will delete out the negative AND strengthen the positive! Here’s how I can help, click here! Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557 New Audio MP3 Downloads and Books to improve your life! http://www.jimmymackhealingshop.com www.jimmymackhealing.com Psalms 107:20 He sent his word, and healed them. Transformational Healing…

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TGIWednesday NEW Audio MP3’s and the NEW Book!

Well the big day is here…check out the good stuff below including a special package and pricing link on my new Audio MP3’s for Magic 8 Ball: Increasing Your Psychic Intuition, The Inside Job: Changing Beliefs About Work, Job, & Career, Family Relationships: Healing Hurts and Improving Lives plus the latest greatest tools to utilize…

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TGIWednesday and another free healing show link just for you!

Loves it and you. I am getting so close I can feel it!  I’m putting the finishing touches on new Audio MP3’s including Magic 8 Ball – increasing intuition, The Inside Job – all about jobs, working, career, and Family Relationships – who couldn’t use that one right?.  Each one will hyperspace jump your spiritual…

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TGIWednesday and a free healing video for you

I hope your new year is going super d dooper!  If you just endured the full moon and things are a little wonky, you are not alone!  If you feel the need for a session, just reach out. I also wanted to share the link to my latest free interview on The Law of Attraction…

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