Monthly Archives: August 2022

TGIWednesday… pick me up a little something

TGIWednesday News Abundance comes in many forms. I had a client that asked if I wanted a little something from Alessi’s Bakery in Tampa Florida.  This is a 100 year old bakery and you could not go wrong with any selection there, whether it was a scone, a Cuban Sandwich or a fresh soup.  Just…

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TGIWednesday… a whole month of money?

TGIWednesday News We are gonna bring it this month by making August the month of Abundance.  Not only is it Sandy’s Birthday (6th) and My Birthday (19th) this month (yes we’re Leo’s), but we’ll make even the Zoom event all about Abundance and removing your blocks and downloading more waves of Abundance, prosperity, and fish filled with…

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