Monthly Archives: December 2019

TGIWednesday and believing in the magic of the season

TGIWednesday News Well we’re getting closer to that time of year again… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and no I’m not talking Santa…. I’m talking about the new STAR WARS release on Dec 20th…haha. It’s all play, it’s all mythology and it’s all about belief. Believe in the spirit of Santa, Harry…

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TGIWednesday and 12/12 Full Moon & Friday the 13th

TGIWednesday News Full moon Thursday 12/12 then Friday the 13th ……..creepy politics and world climate, events and affairs……….in order to drown it all out, guess what I’ve been listening to? No it’s not some odd form of meditation or Gregorian mystical chants or drumming, it’s Andy Williams singing Christmas songs! So just for today forget…

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TGIWednesday and my gift to you plus it’s bogo time!

TGIWednesday News Are you weary of all the advertising already?… Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Local Business Saturday, Giving Tuesday … well guess what, we’re going to top them all with… wait for it … "The 12 Days of BOGO!" But first… remember during this time of year to make time for you to relax a…

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