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TGIWednesday: Let’s have more fun!

TGIWednesday News Ending this month on the subject of education.  What are you doing for your life-long learning?  Do you know how to fish?  Have you taken our Mastery course? Wayne Dyer used to say that as we age we seek a more meaningful life and a desire for mysticism and giving back!  This is not…

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Full Moon Rising

TGIWednesday News Full moon and coming up on a mercury retrograde because a worldwide pandemic wasn’t bothersome enough! In keeping with our month long Educational theme, I would encourage everyone to have their astrological chart done at least once! This goes for kids too!  If little Johnny’s chart is all about history and English, don’t…

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TGIWednesday: The journey of life-long learning

TGIWednesday News I fondly recall Louise Hay of Hay House Publishing who learned about computers in her 70’s and took up ballroom dancing at 80.  I have taught a 12 year old how to “fish” and a 90 year old.  As long as we’re here, we should stay encouraged to try new things and start…

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TGIWednesday: New Empath MP3 release PLUS The Golden Key Process!!

TGIWednesday News So whether it’s college, trade school or fill in the blank… this whole month is about Education.  My Dad used to say, “You can work hard for a few years, or for the rest of your life.” What he was really trying to impress upon me was to get an education and I…

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‘Bliss Bath 3.0 — 852 Hz: ‘Isochronic Miracles’™’

Hi <<First Name>>, Happy Friday! I have an amazing gift from our good friend Darius Barazandeh to share with you to kickoff his new Fall Season 22 of the popular You Wealth Revolution: Energy and Life Transformation Global Summit later this month. Claim your FREE GIFT + your FREE TICKET to this event here! Along with this new ‘Bliss Bath…

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