TGIWednesday and another free healing show link just for you!

Loves it and you. I am getting so close I can feel it!  I’m putting the finishing touches on new Audio MP3’s including Magic 8 Ball – increasing intuition, The Inside Job – all about jobs, working, career, and Family Relationships – who couldn’t use that one right?.  Each one will hyperspace jump your spiritual and personal growth.  You should be able to blast apart your blocks and feel a creative wave of the good stuff that will flow in around and through you after only 30 minutes!  What’s not to love?

Also putting the final touches on my new book, The Tackle Box which is going to be the latest, greatest updated addition to My Liquid Fish.  It will have overviews and updated helpful hints on how to improve your fishing and allow you to dial into deeper, faster results!

In the meantime, just to hold you over is a FREE half hour radio show I recorded for the Law of Attraction Radio Network (tip: I come on at the 25 min mark).  It’s all about Love and increasing Love and more receiving in your life.



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