TGITuesday? and The Grateful Dead

A lifetime ago one of my best friends and I saw The Grateful Dead in Tampa Florida (this included Jerry Garcia).  I was amazed by all the hippie love, dancing, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  One girl in particular danced the entire concert and never looked towards the stage one time.  I also remember seeing sound waves coming off of and all around the band and the waves looked like slow moving telephone pole wires without the poles but in vivid colors.  Finally, I remember being amazed that so many people set up recording devices to record the entire concert and no one cared.

Fast forward to nowadays when most healers would cringe to hear me say this but, I encourage you after buying my books or latest audio MP3’s to PLEASE, by all means give/loan your copies to your friends and family that YOU believe could use an energetic, spiritual boost.

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Life Without Physical Pain? …No to Yes and Change!  I am seeing it as being fished correctly… Read the below out loud… Say YES to receive the change

I know that it is possible and what it feels like to live life without physical pain.  I know how to live life without physical pain and how to listen to my body and my subconscious without pain.  I know that I can rely completely on my own intuition and connection to God instead of relying on pain to know what needs to change in my life I to know that from this moment on, I am living life without physical pain and how to remember this, know that I deserve it, and know that I can share this with others!

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