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TGIWednesday and support for Mental Health Awareness month

TGIWednesday News Well well well, mental health awareness for the whole month?  Yep and after all we’ve been through with financial ups and downs, a pandemic with a hot side of greasy politics – we’re going to need this month just to get back to smooth!  There is an old Janet Jackson song entitled, “What…

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TGIWednesday and a download for peaceful sibling energy

TGIWednesday News In keeping with the family theme for the month we’re going to address siblings, brother, sister, step family what have you.  Now whether your sibling is your best friend or sworn mortal enemy LOL, it is essential if you’re reading this for you to do the prayer work to maintain goodness or resolve…

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TGIWednesday and discovering your destiny & life’s purpose

TGIWednesday News In keeping with this whole month’s theme of Family (which sometimes can be an acronym for F’d up And Mainly Interested in Limiting You) We’re going to explore Dad energy. Most any man can “father” a child but being called a "Dad" is earned. So whether you had a great dad or non…

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TGIWednesday and embracing mother/Goddess energy

TGIWednesday News In keeping with our theme of Family this month, we’ll touch on the mother/Goddess energy. Now if you did not know your mom or had a bad mom experience, I would encourage you to enjoy a sister or friend or favorite Aunt energy. Even feeling grounded by the earth energy is fantastic and…

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TGIWednesday and a clearing for family members

TGIWednesday News It was strange not being able to don the E Bunny costume that has become an annual tradition for me at our local neighborhood Easter party. Well hopefully when we reach “herd immunity!” It brought up longings and remembrances of my brother, father and now mother who are no longer here but in…

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