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TGIWednesday: Releasing judgment download

TGIWednesday News So we all do it …whether it’s looking at someone driving a Bentley or a homeless person… I’m talking about judgement.  If and when you can and as often as possible, release any and all judgement about any and everything.  Discernment and direction are different and needed – opinion and positionality about things…

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TGIWednesday and empathic healing

TGIWednesday News Wow, we survived another hurricane and thanks to those that helped/divert it/through prayer and intentions – we knocked it down to a tropical storm. Now we’re dealing with red tide killing fish and hampering our breathing.  Often it could be forest fires out west, severe summer weather in the Northeast. Take your pick,…

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TGIWednesday and Prayer Power!

TGIWednesday News My mother, aka Granny Ruth was a prayer warrior. I have no doubt she is now doing more for all of us on the other side than she could ever do here – that includes the latest Hurricane threatening Florida. It was a Level 1 with all indications of hitting us directly in…

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TGISaturday?… yep…please read, asking for a little help today

Hey ya’ll…I need your help and contribution.  When is the last time I asked for that?…probably 1990-never. Elsa is a named storm passing through the Caribbean area now and all the tracking models show it moving towards engulfing all of Florida with damaging winds and rain – which is the last thing any of us need, especially on…

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TGIWednesday: ✨ Stardust and Creation 💫

TGIWednesday News Here’s a quote for you to ponder… On Oct 10th 1999, Fred Hoyle the astronomer was quoted as saying, “The chances that life just occurred are about as likely as a typhoon blowing through a junkyard and constructing a Boeing 747.”And if that’s not plain enough and you still question miracles, you’re a soul ghost…

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