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TGIFriday… The age of miracles

TGIFriday News So often we’re caught up in the extra crispy stress of the holidays and beyond.  It is a strange time, I think everyone can agree on that!  But often the soundless butterfly wings barely moving are that soft gentle reminder of how Spirit can come to us in whispers and little nuances here…

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TGIWednesday… Just a trim

TGIWednesday News I’ve been seeing the same hair stylist for awhile now and after decades I believe I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  How many of us have described to a stylist what we want in color or cut or style in glorious detail and while they seem to be enthralled with…

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TGIWednesday…what is that?

TGIWednesday News Speaking with clients worldwide for decades now has made me keenly aware of trends.  I am the farthest thing from a physician, but maybe more a metaphysician!  Here’s the ‘What is that?’ moment haunting half of my sessions worldwide and the realization is one word – Parasites. Traveling pains, indigestion, running #2 one…

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TGIWednesday…it happens every year!

TGIWednesday News It’s started to be expected and, dare I say, funny…. We create two main sales a year, my birthday August 19th and during the 12 days of December and that’s it. And every time we do this, for as long as I can remember – even after telling folks on YouTube, Facebook, via texting…

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The 12 Days of BOGO starts TODAY!

The 12 Days of BOGO Starts Now! My gift annually, and for that matter daily, is to give back to folks.  We are here to help and contribute all that we can all the way to the door. After my NDE I now know what is on the other side of that door and please know…

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