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What is your “plandemic” response? Are you prepared for life after quarantine/stay at home?

Well, the last weekend in April has just passed and we’re getting closer resuming some kind of "new normal" post stay-at-home orders. Are you prepared? Have you been wondering about what life will be like after things open up again? We want to help give you an energetic reset so you can come out stronger!…

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TGIWednesday and is it just you?

TGIWednesday News Here’s my question… is it you and only you? Lately I have come across a lot of folks who are not fully present in their bodies for obvious reasons with all the Covid-19 issues and social distancing/home alone etc. Worse than that, some folks with multiple other entities in their bodies. At face…

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TGIWednesday and a download for moving beyond Covid-19

TGIWednesday News Well let’s check in. How are you doing? The sky is not falling after all. You will recover. We’ve all been through worse. If you’re reading this you have internet/power and or a modern phone, that makes you better off than half of the world. Many people have been comforted and calmed by…

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TGIWednesday and a download for rising above it all

TGIWednesday News What do you miss most? I miss sitting down in a restaurant, going to the movies, my aqua class at LA Fitness center, and I miss folks going without masks and gloves and general hysteria. When will “normal” return? I used to get July, then June, now it’s about the 3rd week in…

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Access the new COVID-19 audio for FREE!

Access the new COVID-19 audio for FREE! With all the that’s swirling around in our world now regarding COVID-19, we wanted to contribute to all of you in a way that will support you on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I have downloaded from spirit what became a 20-minute audio clearing, process/prayer that goes…

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