Monthly Archives: January 2022

TGIWednesday and your extended warranty

TGIWednesday News I had a client the other day say to me at the end of our session,  “Jimmy Mack, we have about a minute left, so can you just go ahead and fix my vision?” “What’s going on with your vision?, I asked” “ I have cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, floaters, dry eyes, and…

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TGIWednesday: Swimming in silence

TGIWednesday News Every morning when I get up, I take at least the first two hours to move around in silence.  It is my Zen path walk even in a robe, slippers and a cup of coffee, it is my moving breathing meditative state.  Kam Yuen / Yuen Method always said, “Meditation – waste of…

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TGIWednesday: What kind of dog is that?

TGIWednesday News My aunt is sweet but getting up there in age and after receiving a picture of Lily my cat, she texted back, “What kind of dog is that?” In my aunt’s defense, Lily thinks she’s a Labrador retriever and loves retrieving little plastic rings, brings them back to you to throw again until…

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