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TGIWednesday and a Download for Increasing Psychic Intuition

TGIWednesday News Questions from the deep end of the pond… Q) Jimmy, what do we do about others that curse/hex/spell us, wish us ill will? – Toni / Wisconsin A) That’s a great question and Granny Ruth used to say to pray for those that spitefully use you. I don’t get from spirit to in…

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TGIWednesday and a download for disentangling from the past

TGIWednesday News Requesting prayers for Granny Ruth… please ya’ll keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she fell on Friday March 9th about 2AM and fractured her hip. Please pray for continued post-operative speedy and safe/healthy recovery. You can see this didn’t stop her from getting ready to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day this weekend……

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TGIWednesday and a download for having patience

TGIWednesday News I received some questions from TGIW readers recently and I thought I’d answer them here for all in case you needed the clarity too. Q) Hey Jimmy, When you send out your emails you have the Fish Food section with the daily affirmation. Are we to read these and do the fish after…

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