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TGIWednesday: Keep the change

TGIWednesday News I always tell folks, the only guarantees I can give you are death, taxes and change!  So if you don’t like change, buckle up because everything from our blood sugar, blood pressure, sun, moon, stars and the tides are in a constant flux of movement and change.  Like a lava lamp I am…

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TGIWednesday: What do you believe in?

TGIWednesday News What do you believe in? God? Allah? Jesus? Buddha? Aliens? Avatars? Crypto? Star Wars? Harry Potter’s wand? original Yoda? Mandalorian little Baby Yoda? After all I have been through, I can say all of it is part of the greater whole.  That which connects all of us. The simplest way to field daily…

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TGIWednesday: Sound can get you there

TGIWednesday News My latest weird obsession is Above and beyond, Group Therapy it is a form of EDM music found on YouTube. YouTube is ENDLESS with motivational speakers, and music that will get you dancing or at least out of bed and MOVING. Everyone likes some form of music, What’s your favorite?  If it brings…

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TGIMonday: Who doesn’t love a FREE BONUS?

Announcing a new BONUS with purchase! Well, when good ideas show up out of the blue, that’s my sign to run with it! As the girls and I are preparing for the upcoming YWR Season 23 with Darius this month, we put together a Special Free Gift MP3 for his listeners that we see now would be…

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TGIWednesday What’s your super power?

TGIWednesday News Everyone has a super power, can be a sport, intuition, a love thing, maybe even a healing thing.  You have it deep within you.  Your life, can and will improve as you read this now.  I believe there is always hope, resilience and the world loves a come back.  Now is your time, wherever…

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