Monthly Archives: January 2018

TGIWednesday and a download for clearing parasites

TGIWednesday News There is a Super Full Blue Moon/Blood Moon Eclipse happening tonight! "Super" meaning the moon is closest to the earth more so than most full moons and twice in the same month makes it a "blue moon" hence the term, “once in a blue moon” and the redness that shows as the result…

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TGIWednesday and clearing YOU of the cold and flu!

TGIWednesday News I’m thrilled to be heading up to the "north country" again today… Yep, I’m driving 2 hours north to brave the colder temperatures as I visit the Florida Dowsers Unlimited group at Unity The Villages LIVE at 4pm TODAY! Of course next to looking forward meeting and working live with some great folks,…

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TGIW and a download for having your best year yet!

TGIWednesday News Hey ya’ll…..lot’s of great changes in 2018 so scan/scroll through the TGIWednesday slowly and carefully. We are here to help/contribute to YOU! So please use this FREE eNewsletter as a source of inspiration. Lot’s of stuff to read, watch and listen to and we strive to make it FRESH and all about improving…

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