TGIWednesday… Where’s my sign?

TGIWednesday News I was struggling about deciding whether to go to my twice weekly aqua class at the gym.  It was a Sunday evening and I asked for a sign whether or not to go Monday morning or not.  The class had become somewhat (is stale too strong of a word?) mundane with the same…

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TGIWednesday…What Ringo Starr taught me

TGIWednesday News I have no real words to summarize Ringo Starr and The All Starrband concert in little old Clearwater Florida last Friday night.  He was upbeat and funny and the show went on non-stop for 2 hours.  When you see someone that dynamic and think of the history of The Beatlles…it is humbling.  Just…

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TGIWednesday…My personal 9/11

TGIWednesday News My father could be shall we say “difficult” to deal with.  Near the end of his life, Hospice called me and asked for permission to give him Ensure (the protein drink) and I was like, of course.  And they said,  “Ok, when can you have it here?”  I was like, “What? You charge…

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TGIWednesday…what is your ultimate life lesson?

TGIWednesday News A lot of folks believe everything we’re going to do we signed up and on for like an endless contract/agreement.  Maybe yes, maybe no. Because I believe we have opinion and positionality.  We can accept, reject and change most things and even learn lessons without a complete meltdown. Elvis loved vanilla ice cream. …

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TGIWednesday… what’s your favorite number?

TGIWednesday News Daily I visit LA Fitness (because I refuse to call it Esporta) if I did not go daily and stay for a while to alleviate stress and tension, I am not sure what would happen but it would probably look like an old coyote and roadrunner explosion cartoon.  As I’m putting away my…

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