TGIWednesday… a memorable Thanksgiving

TGIWednesday News I was in my early teens and rode my bike to my then girlfriend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  The table was decorated like it was out of a magazine or on a Thanksgiving movie set.  We had been dating for a while so I was comfortable with her parents and looking forward to…

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TGIWednesday… Where’s Lily?

TGIWednesday News I got up the other morning and moved a sea of pillows out of my way and was hollering for my cat Lily.  I walked to the living room, dining room, and started to get nervous.  I went to her favorite blue room with her rocker recliner hollering “Lily!” the whole time.  Crickets… …

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TGIWednesday… I smell smoke!

TGIWednesday News Just like anybody else, if I drink too much iced tea or coffee, I can get heart palpitations and monkey mind, self-deprecating, racy thoughts like you’ve never seen!  And last week was one of those days. We decided to walk down to our local massage place and at least get foot massages.  As…

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TGIWednesday…I’m calling my mom!

TGIWednesday News The other day I saw a beautiful butterfly on my bedroom window and it was odd and large and multi colored.  Fluttering here and there until finally just drifitng off in a gentle breeze.  I thought of my mom who loved butterflies.  I even thought I’ll call my mom and tell her about…

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TGIWednesday… Grateful Dead and stopping time

TGIWednesday News Years ago when I was an undergrad, we got tickets for the Grateful Dead concert.  I’m not saying it was a long time ago, just that we saw all the original band members together 😉 Prior to the concert we did whippets and weed and alcohol and literally something that our buddy touted…

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