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TGIWednesday… Holiday Cheer and a Special Gift for You

I want to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a special Happy Birthday to my mom aka Granny Ruth who will be 86 years young on Christmas Day!No matter what you are celebrating or avoiding this time of year, the holidays can at times be tough.  So as a special…

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TGIW…. what are your superpowers?

Well it’s time to count down the days until Santa comes to town. Great Granny Ruth (my sweet momma) will be 86 years young on Christmas Day! Also as a fun holiday treat, I was a guest on Streaming For The Soul’s Superpowers video series which aired on Sheila Show TV yesterday.  There should be…

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TGIWednesday….Trick or Treat? Halloween Entrainment

So often this time of year I am asked about Halloween.  Now it’s fun to play dress up and maybe you love haunted houses, scary movies etc.  When it becomes a little darker for us or too much time is spent on the negative/scary stuff you may be “in it” way too deep (entrainment).  Playing…

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TGITuesday…. WTF?

Ok, so I know it’s Tuesday, but I wanted to make sure you know that the link to the new MP3 Audios for Soul Mate Love, Eradicating Pain and Surviving the Holidays will expire @ midnight on Wednesday.Now, it’ll still be there, but the special pricing for friends & family will be gone! Thanks so…

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TGIWednesday… plus something new for you

As promised, I’m ready to announce that the latest audio recordings for Love, Pain, and The Holidays are available NOW.After I polled everyone, turns out these 3 topics were by far the most popular.  Sometimes love, pain, and holidays can truly be the most entangled. Seems like the ideal time of year for you to have…

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