TGIWednesday….Trick or Treat? Halloween Entrainment

So often this time of year I am asked about Halloween.  Now it’s fun to play dress up and maybe you love haunted houses, scary movies etc.  When it becomes a little darker for us or too much time is spent on the negative/scary stuff you may be “in it” way too deep (entrainment).  Playing shoot the zombie kind of video games for 2 hours nonstop and or scary movies can leave a mark!  We can feel paranoid, scared, unclear, negative or “off”.Hopefully you know how to clear yourself with or any other means is fine too, but I have seen dark energy laugh in the face of Sage!  Ultimately you will want to release the negative vibe that this event and time of year can “dig up” especially coming out of mercury retrograde.  If you need me to help/contribute release or cleanse this, let me know!

Also, for friends and family only, you will be getting a special treat next week.  My new book is coming out on life coaching.  It is with Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret and Maria Nemeth PhD.  The book won’t be out for about another month, but if you are reading this, you will have the opportunity to get it next week in either paperback or eBook version.  It is the My Liquid Fish chapter interview.

Enjoy the holiday and for more $$, less weight, beating addiction, soul mate attraction, releasing pain and enjoying the holidays…. go to my MP3 audio downloads to improve your life!

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