TGIWednesday… Holiday Cheer and a Special Gift for You

I want to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a special Happy Birthday to my mom aka Granny Ruth who will be 86 years young on Christmas Day!No matter what you are celebrating or avoiding this time of year, the holidays can at times be tough.  So as a special gift through Dec. 31st, I’m giving away the Relieving Holiday Stress: Recovery to Rejoicing! audio download to help/contribute to you!**Right-click to download the MP3 now

If you already purchased this, not to worry… choose another one from the selection of Money Mindset, Overcoming Addiction, Finding Ideal Love, Chronic Pain Relief, or Ideal Weight – simply hit reply to this email and I will send one of those to you.

If you purchased all of them already, indicate that and I will email you my new eBook that has not even been released yet!

So you see, there is a little present here for everyone!

All the best of the holidays and beyond.

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