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TGIWednesday: Father knows best

TGIWednesday News This whole month is dedicated to fathers and the father God energy.  So whether your dad could have been the father on the old radio show turned TV show “Father Knows Best” or if your father was absent in person, kindness, mentally, physically or emotionally… we’re still honoring the highest and best energy…

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TGIWednesday: Because there was no wind

TGIWednesday News Not too long ago in a science experiment where they built a bio dome as big as a stadium, they had also planted trees and tried to create something germ free and different.  Oddly enough the trees kept falling over.  They finally figured out it was because there was no wind and that…

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Are you joining me for Wednesday’s LIVE Zoom event?

FINAL REMINDER! NEXT LIVE ZOOM CALL THIS WEDNESDAY May 25TH at 7:30pm Pre-register at Calendly for $22 (includes reminders and replay) TOPIC: This call will be all about Goddess, Mother Earth energy and any issues you’ve had with Mom or being a Mom. Any area where you lacked guidance from Mom, or she was overbearing and anything in between.…

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TGIWednesday: I was afraid that would happen

TGIWednesday News My father used to say, “I’m afraid they’ve discovered our sleepy little town.” But I now say, “Traffic wouldn’t be so bad if they’d stop naming Clearwater Florida one of the top beaches in the world.” So what’s my point?  Honor you, your body, and self care.  Go on that family vacay if…

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Co-create change with Purple Rain

Hi Jimmy, It’s been such a whirlwind of activity lately but we found the time to prepare the release of the VERY popular Purple Rain Process that was recorded live on Darius’ show back in March. We received an immediate and incredible reaction from listeners from around the world: “Oh man Jimmy that purple rain process was so powerful. I…

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