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TGIWednesday and co-creating new beginnings

TGIWednesday News January is always a month of new beginnings, so if you need a tune up in work job/career/ your diet/exercise/love life or money, now is the time to focus and get going. Start out with soft focus and instead of I’ll lose 50 pounds by X date, be more open ended like making…

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TGIWednesday and reaching the zero point field and being more zen

TGIWednesday News If we can come to that place of neutrality after clearing yes, unclear no, and running forward, more often than not, miracles can occur. I no longer meditate as in at all, but feel as if I am in the in-between more often than not. The more you can come to that still…

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TGIWednesday and keeping momentum going forward

TGIWednesday News Keep the faith moving forward and know that spirit watches over us always. I feel the presence of angels and guides in the room constantly. I say my personal prayers outloud and I know that they hear me and as my friend always jokes, “I think they not only hear you, they actually…

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TGIWednesday and here’s to new beginnings!

TGIWednesday News And many happy returns to you and yours. This year has GOT to get better, at least that’s the direction I’ll be praying/fishing towards for sure. So many folks around the New Year make resolutions they’ll never keep. What are yours? I would encourage you to make them doable/reasonable goals so your success…

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TGIWednesday and here’s to better days ahead!

TGIWednesday News Dude, seriously? Did this year feel like 5 years long? I have a movie star client who always says, “The days are long, but the years fly by!” Not even gonna start on the laundry list of what needs to improve next year but I want you to. How about we just ease…

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