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Good Heavens, this year has flown by and I will remember my mother (Granny Ruth) always and especially this time of year because she was born on Christmas Day!  My Dad was a Leo, I am a Leo, my brother was born on New Year’s Day and he and my Mom were Capricorns, so it was not uncommon to see a plate thrown by someone on occasion at the dinner table.

Towards the end of my Mom’s life she had dementia and sundowners (which was worse than the dementia) and I would try to give her little things to do and accomplish just to keep her busy.  “I don’t need any more assignments today.” She used to shout prior to you asking her anything!

I recall with a smile asking her to take out recycling to the bin, which was yellow and blue in color.  Regular garbage went in the giant black can and I would hear her mumble to herself all the way down the driveway, “Yellow and blue, yellow and blue, yellow and blue.”  Of course she would then put it all in the black can and come back to me and say, “See I did it!”  Yes, yes you did I would say through a grin.

Today and every day, I see you having the utmost patience with toddlers and the elderly with equal enthusiasm.  There is so much we can be thankful for and so much we have to let go of and I’m downloading that for you as you read this now and so it is!

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I believe, think, know and feel that I can just let go and let God and allow the natural way to show up without judgement or anger. I am at peace.  I know, when, where, how and why to allow for the simple way, the simple pleasures and to stay out of the negative so that the optimal outcomes can arrive in style. I am ready, willing and able to receive the very best that life has to offer and I will keep in mind that my loved ones are not gone but have just changed form and can actually hear me in my prayers!  I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.  Wishing you and yours that the rest of your life will be the best of your life and remember to make progress every day!
7:30pm Eastern (30 mins long)

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THEME: Releasing the Barrier to Receiving Your Needs

There is so much to be thankful for during this time of year and when you take stock of your life, what is missing? Let’s fill in the gaps. Often people deprive themselves of all levels of nourishment in order to give to others in a martyr-like fashion. If you’re leaving your needs out, constantly exhausted, unable to get ahead and seem to be caught in a loop of chronic pains, this one’s for you. What would it take to nourish your needs? A vacation? More money? A new romantic partner or the current one more inspired by you? Time off for good behavior?

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“Today I will relax into my day. I will sit back and let the seeds that I have planted grow and nurture them. I will not force anything. Coerce and nudge, maybe but I will not force anything.”

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 Hi Jimmy.  Thank you for the great session.  My daughter, contacted me 5 hours after our session. (previously would not return a call or text and was unemployed)) Today she texted she has an interview Thursday at 1:30 Pacific Time.  Thank you so much.   Hugs, love and blessings.  Jeanne / CA
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