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TGIWednesday … and remaining positive

Weekly Download… POSITIVITY… Say “YES” to receive… I have and know the Creator’s definition of positivity.  I know what it feels like to be positive, how to be positive, to live my day to day life being positive and that it is possible to be positive. I know that from this moment forward I am…

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TGIWednesday and The Mystical Experience

Master Tanpai Rin Poche I was invited to a house party where a Tibetan master was the star guest.  Friends lined up all over the house waiting for a chance to meet with him.  Every 15 minutes a bell rang and as one person left the small room, another one entered.  When it was my…

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TGIWednesday … facing the music & an Abundance download

  Facing the music My dear friend Pete is the best handy man that I know.  Electrical, plumbing, painting, car repair, I mean the guy can do it all.  He does so with a cheerful heart and in a time frame that’s as if he makes more money if he finishes ahead of schedule instead…

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TGIWednesday … she was an “11”… Vitality download

She was an 11 My friend once told me one of his favorite jokes.  A couple was sitting in a bar and a beautiful woman walked in.  The man’s wife said, “Honey would you leave me for her?”  The man said, “Honey, I’d kill you for her.” Now I will admit that I have a…

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TGIWednesday & Inspiration for you!

I hope you are enjoying Spring.  The items below are specifically for YOU, to comfort and promote you… The following is an excerpt from: Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations ©   April 9th You haven’t seen anything yet If you’ve ever eaten at the midnight buffet on a cruise or tasted the…

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