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Facing the music

My dear friend Pete is the best handy man that I know.  Electrical, plumbing, painting, car repair, I mean the guy can do it all.  He does so with a cheerful heart and in a time frame that’s as if he makes more money if he finishes ahead of schedule instead of by the hour.  One of Pete’s vices is a lead foot.  He forever takes chances and won’t hesitate to eek around the no U-turn sign or any other sign for that matter.  He wouldn’t do anything that would put himself or others in any danger, but none-the-less technically illegal.  I work on and with Pete from time to time and for whatever reason would always tell him at the end of our session, “be careful and slow down!”

He would just smile as if I was being overly cautious, a wimp if you will.  One day Pete went so fast through a speed trap that the policemen wouldn’t even give him a price for his ticket.  He merely set a court date for Pete.  Now Pete’s livelihood depends on his ability to drive from job to job, renovation to renovation.  Pete’s court date was on a Tuesday.  The Sunday before I handed Pete $500.00 and told him to take it with him to court.  I knew that he could very well roll up into that court date and face either jail time or bail or fines that he would have to pay right then and there.  This was Florida law and not Georgia where he was from.  Pete was overcome with gratitude and welled up nearly in tears.  He had to step outside of our home he was so emotionally overwhelmed.

Today I will pay it forward to and for others.  I will do something nice for someone else.  I will do something in fact that that person would have never expected.  I will give of myself unselfishly.  I will do this good deed not thinking of myself, but for no other reason, than to help someone with no expectation of return.

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My father is in a nursing home and I got a billing statement (here we are nearly in May) from a service performed during the Christmas holidays.  It was from a psychiatrist.  The bill was 90$ (that’s NINETY dollars) for 10 minutes.  I couldn’t help but wonder, considering my father’s dementia, what if any good he got out of that 10 minute “session”.  Often times, “talking” about it may give us a brief sense of relief, but actually changing the energy around an issue or upset will create long lasting results!

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I have the Creator’s definition of abundance.  I live my daily life without doubting that I deserve abundance.  I live my day to day life without sabotaging my own abundance.  I know that I have abundance and I am living my daily life with abundance from this moment on.

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