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She was an 11

My friend once told me one of his favorite jokes.  A couple was sitting in a bar and a beautiful woman walked in.  The man’s wife said, “Honey would you leave me for her?”  The man said, “Honey, I’d kill you for her.”

Now I will admit that I have a slew of beautiful women that are clients.  They are a variety of ages and some are beautiful because of their depth, their passion, their ability to love and be loved, while others are gorgeous.  One overcast Wednesday evening I had what I would consider on a scale of 1-10 an 11 walk through my door.  In every way and on every level this woman was breathtaking, eloquent, and genuine.  I couldn’t help but to be enamored and wondered what her list of items was to change and work on.  She had no list because she said it was all in her head.  She was barely in her chair while reaching for a tissue.  Tears rolled down her cheeks.  “What’s going on pudding?”  I asked with great anticipation.  “I have HIV.” She replied.  Wow I thought… what an irony of life this is while the healer in me, said, “It’s just another virus that I know we can get past.”

Today I will realize that not everything is as it seems and not everything that shimmers is made of gold.  Everyone has secrets, everyone has baggage, and everyone has a past.  It is what we do with today that will define the outcome of our tomorrow.

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