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TGIWednesday NEW Audio MP3’s and the NEW Book!

Well the big day is here…check out the good stuff below including a special package and pricing link on my new Audio MP3’s for Magic 8 Ball: Increasing Your Psychic Intuition, The Inside Job: Changing Beliefs About Work, Job, & Career, Family Relationships: Healing Hurts and Improving Lives plus the latest greatest tools to utilize…

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TGIWednesday….. I’ll bet you didn’t see this one coming!

Be aware of “destination addiction”… ie: my happiness is contingent on some future time, that next event or depends on that special someone I haven’t met yet!  Become accepting of yourself and where you are right now and keep producing and moving it all forward.  For those that purchased my new book, thanks!  I hope…

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TGIWednesday….Trick or Treat? Halloween Entrainment

So often this time of year I am asked about Halloween.  Now it’s fun to play dress up and maybe you love haunted houses, scary movies etc.  When it becomes a little darker for us or too much time is spent on the negative/scary stuff you may be “in it” way too deep (entrainment).  Playing…

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