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TGIWednesday… waning moon, new shows and October BOGO!

TGIWednesday News The moon forecast for today October 11 – Waning Gibbous Moon – Illumination: 62%…. I feel like you could go either way today, so lean into the day and grind it out……the more you can accomplish today, the better and make progress daily! TODAY at 1pm ET I will be the guest on my…

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TGIWednesday and prayers for the recent tragedies

 TGIWednesday Download  ~ PRAYERS FOR THE RECENT TRAGEDIES~ Please allow us to see the good in everything.  That we know it’s possible to recover from even the greatest tragedies.  That it is safe and comfortable to have empathy and sympathy without it debilitating us.  That we can help and contribute even if by prayer and…

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TGIWednesday… Fall and the changing seasons

TGIWednesday Download  ~ CHANGING SEASONS ~ I am safe and comfortable regardless of the season.  I welcome the seasons changing and with it, I know that I am changing for the better.  I know that every day in every way, I am adapting to changing seasons and change in general.  I accept the seasons as…

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TGIWednesday and supporting our pets/animal friends in their time of need

TGIWednesday News As humans, or humanoids, we weren’t the only ones frazzled by the Hurricanes, Fires and Earthquakes and they need our support too.  Our little pet animal friends pick up on the change in barometric pressure and the angst that we were going through!  As a result of our last Hurricane, a new Florida…

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TGIWednesday and prayers about Hurricane Irma

Asking For Your Prayers Here in Florida, we all have our eyes and our thoughts on Hurricane Irma and we ask for everyone’s continued prayers that Irma swings hard left or hard right of Florida ideally and for it to dissipate out into the water with the least amount of people and property damage.  Let’s use…

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