TGIWednesday and prayers about Hurricane Irma

Asking For Your Prayers

Here in Florida, we all have our eyes and our thoughts on Hurricane Irma and we ask for everyone’s continued prayers that Irma swings hard left or hard right of Florida ideally and for it to dissipate out into the water with the least amount of people and property damage.  Let’s use our strength in numbers… thank you all!

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YESTERDAY’S REPLAY RA-Ja holds a doctorate in Naturopathy, majoring in Iridology and Nutrition. Raja has been a natural healer since birth, and since childhood has been gifted with clairvoyance and clairaudience and an awakened 3rd eye. He heads The Aquarian Perspectives-Interplanetary Mission giving Sacraments to Life Forms on and off this planet, which serve for the Healing of Nations.

September 12th Abdy  At an early age, he realized that his realm of reality was beyond what he could share with others. As a child, his awareness of extraordinary abilities, such as putting light and sparkles on people.  Thirty years later, he realized those sparkles were being received by the people, healing them physically, emotionally and spiritually.  In 2002, he began working around the world anchoring light and spreading his wisdom. Through Abdy’s presence, some people have become healers, spiritual teachers, life coaches and many free from physical and emotional illnesses, but many more have been gifted to see the beauty of life and its participants. Even though most of his work is energy-based, he guides people to realize their gift and their wisdom.    Abdy’s gift is to radiate timeless, spaceless connection to the Source. 

September 19th – Dr. Rita Louise, Bestselling author and Medical Intuitive, Host of Just Energy Radio and the Founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics. She has the unique ability to deliver a serious message through intriguing stories and her own brand of humor. Her high content presentations and down-to-earth strategies empower and motivate audience members.  A frequent consultant to the media, Dr. Louise has appeared on television and has been a featured guest on many radio shows such as Coast to Coast w/George Noory, Veritas Radio, the Jerry Pippin Show, X-Zone Radio, the Mysterious Universe Radio, Contact Radio, Second Site Radio, and Out Of This World Radio.

September 26 Rev. Debbie Dienstbier – Our resident Transmedium and Psychic Communicator Rev. Debbie specializes in communication with relatives and loved ones who have crossed over. She joins us monthly on the last Tuesday of each month.

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 From the Fish Box

“Good morning,
Tim went to the chiropractor, you were 
right,C4 was out, causing arm pain, Was going to order vitamins today, but I can’t read what I wrote, its coming out to Imodium, lol, that’s not it, Indium?? Thanks.”~ F.J. / Florida

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