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Abundance comes in many forms.

I had a client that asked if I wanted a little something from Alessi’s Bakery in Tampa Florida.  This is a 100 year old bakery and you could not go wrong with any selection there, whether it was a scone, a Cuban Sandwich or a fresh soup.  Just bring me a little something I said.  This picture is showing you what my client brought.  I shared all of it with everyone who stopped by over the next week.  Abundance can come in all types of forms and know that it isn’t always money.  It can be a favor, a flower or a small gift or even a lavish spread from a famous deli ;).

As you read this now, I see you as being more open to accepting gifts from the universe and when they show up in the most unusual manner, you’ll know that it could have only come from spirit!

Tomorrow is a full moon during this dynamic month of Leo. What do you need to put the spotlight on? What would you like to see come to the surface and or change in your favor? My mother Great Granny Ruth would leave her empty pocket book outside on a full moon requesting a “fill her up” prayer and it always came through in one form or another!

Look for Anchor’s Away ? to launch any day now.  It will expand your world view, diminish the negative, elimiate the aliens and the evil and create a space for you to be in more allowance of all that you deserve!

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~ ABUNDANCE IN ALL FORMS ~I believe, think, know and feel that abundance comes in, around and through me now when I least expect it.  I know, when, where, how and why be in an allowance of abundance, open to receiveing it, deserving of it and worthy of it to be sure.  I am ready, willing and able to be in a place of acceptance and I know that my abunance is just a moment away and on it’s way.  I am asking for this in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.

May the rest of your life be the best of your life and remember to make progress each and every day!

From the Fish Box
 “I have had so many experiences with healers and you are the first one I have recommended. Your work is real and lasting and not just a short high that you keep chasing. I appreciate you and what you do for us from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!!!” –Stefanie J.K.
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THEME: Abundance and Money

Sample write ins:

  • My biggest money block is __________
  • Abundance in my life would make a big difference if only I could _________
  • If a windfall of money fell in my lap the number one thing I would buy is__________
  • If I were more abundant in my mindset I know that I would be able to be brave enough to ____________

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“Today I will realize that even if Iam a student today. I can one day be a master. Time, age, and practice can create the wind that propels my sails to reach my destination. And although I will enjoy the trip, I will also relish in the destination.”

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Gold Coin: More Money in All Forms
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Positive Money Mindset
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