The 12 Days of BOGO starts TODAY!

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The 12 Days of BOGO Starts Now!
My gift annually, and for that matter daily, is to give back to folks.  We are here to help and contribute all that we can all the way to the door. After my NDE I now know what is on the other side of that door and please know that it is spectacular! The colors are more vibrant than I had ever witnessed on earth and the sounds of music and angelic beings were magical to say the least.

Now back to this reality…

Our December “12 Days of BOGO” celebration starts today! Buy One, Get One FREE on over 35 MyBeliefWorks audios! (discount of equal or lesser value)
Click here to browse through over 35 titles and see what resonates with you! 

*I only do this ONCE PER YEAR so go WILD! You have unlimited access for 12 days!* Remember: Place the items into your cart in pairs, and ALL PRODUCTS will be delivered in a SINGLE PDF FILE with AUDIO MP3 DOWNLOAD at the top of the page.

Put all of your choices in ONE checkout cart, just be sure to have an EVEN number of qualifying discount items in your cart to get the maximum discount.

*Private Sessions, Daily Prayers, eBooks, Zoom Replays, Energy Processes and Courses are EXCLUDED.  *An automatic discount will show up at Checkout for qualifying items.

We’re making available to you some of the best tools that we’ve ever created at the most affordable price ever – Buy One, Get one Free!  And as we saw on a Facebook ad recently, we could call it GOGO – Give One, Get One FREE!  Meaning… yes, you can share this with your immediate friends and family!

For those who aren’t familiar, here’s the list of the MyBeliefWorks™ audio library. Find a topic that addresses your issue(s), click on the link to read powerful testimonials. We had a lot of help downloading & channeling these over the years & they keep getting better and we are constantly working on new ones!
Find your favorites here in the MyBeliefWorks Collection:
Receiving Abundance
Freedom from Abuse
Overcoming Addiction
Body Scan: Head to Toe Healing
Experiencing Bountiful Harvest
Igniting Creative Spark
Discovering Your Destiny
Daily GPS Reset
Releasing Dark Energies/Fears
Crossroads -Decision Making
Diet & Exercise Support
Education & Learning Support
Empowering the Empath
Healing Family Relationships
Attracting a Financial Windfall
Gold Coin: More Money in All Forms
Joy of Money
Healing Body Disorders
Lucky 777 
Mental Stress
Relieving Holiday Stress
Increasing Intuition
Easing IRS Stress & Taxes
Finding Love & Romance
Positive Money Mindset
Moving Forward from Past
Chronic Pain Relief
Pet Healing Support
Pro$perity Unlocked
Improving Sales & Success
Improving Sex
Improving Sleep
Traveling with Ease
Work & Career Success
Weight Loss Support
Restoring Youth & Vitality
IMPORTANT REMINDER: After your purchase of any digital files in the shop or in a special offer, you MUST Download them to a desktop, tablet or phone AND save them to your own device.  These files get moved, replaced and updated over time and will not be forever active on your original purchase link.

For Apple device users… look into installing the free app that the Apple Store provides so that you can download and store your files directly without requesting the alternate links. It may be worth looking into on your end for future convenience.

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“Today I will remember everything is just an interesting point of view. There will always be people who are better off than me, worse off, prettier, uglier, fatter, thinner, not everyone is the same. The point is, you cannot be held captive by these memories. You are the architect of your life. Everybody has a story. You can let it rule you or you can move on and embrace the life you make for yourself. Don’t let it hold you captive or let it go.”
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