TGIWednesday… this truly borders on magic

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Each day I hear this from someone I’m working with, “it can’t be this easy!” ….. but really it is. It’s an energetic kind of thing and scientific too. Tesla said, "There is only energy, frequency and vibration."

What I know and believe is that if you can line up with those and find the word tracks, then you can change any and everything because it’s all made up of the same stuff. It truly borders on magic, it really does.

Arthur C. Clark wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. cool right? and after all, isn’t everything made up from our thoughts and then turns into a creation? Cooking recipes, scientific outer space unproven theories, art, music, acting!

So know that My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® CAN be that simple, I see it every day – you read it here in the "fish box" every week… like I’ve often said, show me something that’s faster, deeper and cheaper and I’m in – but for me, this is IT.

….Have you learned all the lessons that you needed to from your current dilemma or challenge? Is that issue still serving you?

When working on yourself, Own that with a statement, test it to see if it’s a yes or no, and then fish it to Change it! Pose those questions as statements and watch what unfolds! It will be indistinguishable from magic!