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Every morning when I get up, I take at least the first two hours to move around in silence.  It is my Zen path walk even in a robe, slippers and a cup of coffee, it is my moving breathing meditative state.  Kam Yuen / Yuen Method always said, “Meditation – waste of time” and this is sometimes shocking to others.  If you’re meditating and it’s working for you, good for you!  For those of us that can’t or fall asleep or _____ then maybe just being silent and fishing is enough.  I don’t have to try and get there any more, it’s like I am in the inbetween all the time!

Now I am seeing you as having a quieter mind as you read this now.  And listening to that still small voice within you that is part of the larger great consciousness that moves and lives and has profound meaning.  Often just standing or sitting still allows spirit to show us the simpler way and in this day and age, the less stress the better and I am seeing the peace that surpasses all understanding drifting in, through and around you now!

Full Moon and Mercury retrograde have been a double whammy for most folks.  Typing this I felt like I had finished 5 coffee drinks!!! I know it’s not me but it’s the erratic energy of the current mess.  For those of you who can’t seem to escape the Halloween effect and feel under constant evil or psychic attack, feel free to reach out to my friend and collegue Gosia Lorenz   and know that one session could do the trick!  Or in this case, delete out the trick!

It’s rare that I ask for a favor ya’ll but this is for my youngest son.  Even though I am a proud father, I think you’ll agree that he is an outstanding guitar player.  Please take 2 minutes to listen to this link and just as important, please subscribe, like and comment!  Thanks very much!

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I believe think, know and feel that swimming in silence will give me discernment and direction in my life. I know when, where how and why to let go and let God and to notice what is different and to notice subtle changes that are working in my favor. I am ready, willing and able to be more positive, well wishing to others and to see the best in myself and others as I read or hear this NOW I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is!

Wishing you that the rest of your life will be the best of your life and remember to make progress every day!

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