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So we all do it …whether it’s looking at someone driving a Bentley or a homeless person… I’m talking about judgement.  If and when you can and as often as possible, release any and all judgement about any and everything.  Discernment and direction are different and needed – opinion and positionality about things is fine too.  Judgement seems to have that negative connotation of putting something or someone down so we’re releasing our need to do that as you read this now.

The Buddha said, “be an observer of the play, not a participant” and I believe that means to be of joy, help others without getting caught up on the stage of ego and judgement.  Keep this in mind throughout today and everyday and send people that are less fortunate than you; vibes of love and compassion and for those driving the six-figure car, bless them and ask Spirit to bless them and you with all you could ever need.

Join us for our monthly Zoom call which appropriately enough is dedicated to Empaths, those that are easily affected by others and take on other people’s energy We will clear you of it and strengthen your protection!

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I believe, think, know and feel that I can release over-judging myself and others.  I am ready, willing and able to accept people for who they are without imposing my way of life on them.  I know, when, where, how and why to be at peace with the actions of others and to stick to my own customized beautiful life journey.  I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.

May the rest of your life be the best of your life and remember to make progress every day!

July 28th Zoom Event
JULY 28TH at 7:30pm ET
(July 29th if you’re in Europe/AUS) Healing the Empath

All of us are empathic to a degree, some more than others. Here are the types of issues and challenges we will clear:

  • You can feel other people’s exact pain and then take it on for hours or a day later like their headache or stomach ache
  • Agoraphobic? Fear of crowds? Can’t get off the couch? Fear of getting the vaccine? Fear of not getting the vaccine?
  • Taking on the stress of others at work in addition to your own. Overly stressed about life and living.
  • Feeling sensations/or pain where the doctors can’t find anything wrong!
  • Experiencing ground hog day, living the same day over and over again
  • Dog days of Summer/heat and feel like doing nothing because what’s the point?

We will bring in peace and grounding, restore vigor and strengthen your ability to move forward in life. Bring in more direction and discernment as well as abundance. Experience and feel other’s issues without taking them on co-create healthy boundaries and restore our angelic factory settings!

Those who are registered…Submit your Top 3 related topics to support@jimmymackhealing by 3pm the day of the event.

Register Now – $22
From the Fish Box

Q) “Would you recommend another session and does whatever was cleared in the first session intended to be permanent or is it something we have to keep fishing for?  From the one session we had, do you expect any changes to occur straight away? Do I need to be fishing every day as well?   I have read the MLF starter kit but unsure if I am doing this right. If I test positive for a statement – am I supposed to fish downwards from heaven to ground or am I supposed to leave it and not fish at all since its already positive?  I was a bit confused because in my call I thought I heard you say ‘good, we don’t need to do anything with that’ when it was positive?  How do the audios work? Are they just meant to be listened to without fishing?” – Rachel S.

A) “The choice is yours as to what you feel/intuit would work best regarding a 2nd session. Changes can be sudden and profound while others take time, and we never know what will happen and that’s part of the fascination of My Liquid Fish Change made simple.  The Audio MP3’s are plug and play meaning all you have to do is listen to them!  Think of yourself/life/fishing as a garden and daily there is something that needs to be done in the garden.  If it already tests positive on a statement for something you desire, then leave it. You could also hit on other related word tracks to reinforce it.. There is also a course online whenever you decide to take that.  Yes you’ll want to fish daily and it would be hard for me to answer all your questions about fishing because it would create more questions and after 9 books and an e-course, you can see that while it’s simple, it is also deep and has tangents and angles/angels involved in it!” – Jimmy Mack

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