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TGIWednesday News Just about 10 days more and we’re through Mercury Retrograde and with our recent new moon, it’s been a bumpy ride but there is hope.  We have a lot of great plans for Spring so stay tuned here to read and find out about more upcoming shows and special offers and releases.  We’re finishing out this month with love in mind and even if it is not romance, consider love of nature, love of sport, and dare I forget love of food! 

Keep the faith moving forward in all things.  I have an Indian drum beat in the back of my head pressing forward always and I am wishing and praying for you to receive some up-and-at-em today with a side of grounding and ease and joy!

For those who have read in earlier newsletters, we’ve been working for several months now on the newest MP3 release that I’ve called Windfall. This will be the 4th in our series on prosperity and abundance and this one is different in that it is loaded with dozens of one-line clearings that together will serve to create and amplify a strong morphogenic field of prosperity. It’s all about disentangling, transforming, reintegrating, aligning and synchronizing energetic patterns on a cellular and quantum level to open the door to your natural state of abundance and inviting in a windfall!

So, it’s truly exciting and something to look forward to as the finishing touches are happening now – because timing this release post-Mercury Retrograde is important for a great outcome for all, look for this release to now launch in early-March! TGIWednesday Download ~  A DOWNLOAD FOR EASE & JOY ~

I believe think, know and feel that life can be easy and joyful.
I am ready, willing and able to experience more ease and joy in my life here and now.
I know when, where, how and why from the divine connection perspective that it is easy to achieve and I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines
and so it is.
   Love & Romance Monthly Specials Turning on Your Love and Romance Switches Replay Available Now

I can’t stress enough how coming together in this group energy is so important for all of us to gather with a strong intent to delete out the negative and download the more positive aspects to all of this – it really was palpable.  I think you’ll love this call and it will help a lot of folks and know that things WILL change for you. 

Click on this link to read the list of topics covered.  Get the Replay Here! Special $44 pricing ends this Saturday! 

MyBeliefWorks for Having Ideal Love & Creating Dynamic Relationships
30-mins  and over 100 clearings 

This recording is nearly 30 minutes long and can clear blocks to self-love, accepting love, receiving love, being deserving of love and that negative programming that is keeping YOU from your soul mate realization and experiencing true love! This audio helps you change your vibration to call in “the one”.  Whether you are with the person of your dreams or would like for them to be “the one”, this is an MP3 Audio than CAN make the difference! Last Chance at $44 LIVE Appearances – Free Healing Thurs. March 12th Wisdom of the Ancients with Ian Shelley – Register Here
Mon. March 19th You Wealth Revolution with Darius Barazandeh – Register Here Thurs. April 9th Soul Talk with Patty Malek – Register Here
Wed. May 13th The Alara Canfield Show with Alara Canfield – Register Here Fish Food  The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations
“Today I will step out and ask for what I desire in the realization that it is okay to ask.  I am worthy of the best people, places and things.  All things are possible if I ask with passion and follow through with perseverance.  I will move forward in the direction of my dreams realizing that if it is to be, it is up to me.” The Jimmy Mack Healing Radio Show EVERY TUESDAY at 9pm EST / 6pm PST
CALL (206) 806-9965

Click Here for Previous Weeks’ Show and a full archive of past guests & replays.
Yesterday’s Show –Special Guest Rev Debbie Our resident trans medium communications with your loved ones in spirit. Visit her Facebook page

March 3rd – Special Guest Psychic Joanne Leo 
Numerology and Astrology March 10th  Special Guest Jeremy Riden 
Intuitive Life Coach March 17th  Special Guest Gosia Lorenz 
The Joy of Living Facilitator March 24th Special Guest Ayla Murray 
Psychic, Intuitive, Astrologist, Tarot Reader March 31st Special Guest Rev Debbie 
Our resident trans medium communications with your loved ones in spirit. 
Visit her Facebook page
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Sessions at the Tampa Office  EVERY FRIDAY AT KODAWARI YOGA STUDIOS TAMPA I’m scheduling 15 and 30 minute appointments at Kodawari Yoga Studios from 10am-2pm EVERY FRIDAY.

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From the Fish Box “I have listened to lots of guests in different spiritual webinars but you feel to me as the most trusty of all.  I see angel numbers daily several times a day in many different places and get many presents from them little and big. I think I have learned my lessons and I love living here on planet earth; I want to come back, again and again, as long as I live a healthy and prosperous life; it is exciting living here.” – Graciela. S. Receive 24/7 Prayers from Jimmy You will send me a list of the members of your immediate household, and yes even pets, and I will add them to my daily prayers. I will arise daily before you are even awake to start my prayers and also run my intelligent computer software 24/7 deleting the negative and increasing the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of outcomes for you and the family. 

Each comes with a one-time email analysis print out via the intelligent healing software that I use on your behalf.  Most clients have had amazing results and outcomes and I get emails of thanks each and every week!
I will dial into you daily in the wee hours and make certain that you are a CLEAR YES, UNCLEAR to NO and RUNNING FORWARD before you start your day.                     
Choose 7 days @ $33                       Choose 14 days @ $66               Choose 30 days @ $99 **Can’t See The Full Email? Click Here to View Online** Go deep sea “fishing” with Jimmy! Level 1 is open to ANYONE at anytime!

All Mastery Students:  Check your email & Login to view all the newly upgraded content including new books and audios!  
  “Jimmy’s My Liquid Fish Change Made Simple program is AMAZING!!! He gives you not only videos so you can see the changes within people, but also the books he’s written as well! On top of that he’s provided all the links and visuals you need so ANY type of learner can do it!!  I appreciated having it to download in a PDF so I can go back to it any time, plus the books and ACTUAL healing sessions so you see, know and understand the whole process even better!!Highly recommend to ANYONE looking to change and make not only their life… but everyone’s around them better as well!!” – E.J. / Florida
The Certificate of Mastery Program includes 2 best-selling ebooks and 2 clearing audios plus written & video instructions, AND one-on-one time with Jimmy ALL for about the cost of a single 1-hr session!

This online course is for anyone who is familiar with OR new to “fishing” and is ready to dive into the deep end & get results that are beyond the ordinary!

It includes The Tackle Box & The Dowser’s Handbook ebooks PLUS 2 MP3s “Clearing Dark Energies” & “Increasing Your Intuition” to help clear, strengthen and prepare your energy field for optimal “fishing” results.

This is a work-at-your-own-pace curriculum that will TEACH & CLEAR you at the same time!In under 2wks you will be finished with the program and ready to fish on your own with greater results! Level II offers Practitioner Certification for those who qualify. LEARN MORE HERE For those who aren’t familiar, here’s the list of the MyBeliefWorks™ audio library. Find a topic that addresses your issue(s), click on the link to read more. We had a lot of help downloading & channeling these over the years & they keep getting better. Don’t forget… you can share these with you immediate friends and family. Abundance
Body Scan: Head to Toe
Daily GPS Reset
Dark Energies/Fears
Decision Making
Diet & Exercise
Education & Learning
Family & Relatives
The Gold Coin
Healing Physical Body
Healing Mental Stress
Holiday Stress
Increasing Intuition
IRS & Tax Time
Love & Romance
Money Mindset
Moving Forward
Pain Relief
Pet Healing
Sales & Success
Improving Sex
Improving Sleep
Traveling w/Ease
Work & Career
Weight Loss
Youth & Vitality TGIFunny
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