TGIWednesday: How do you know it’s the same crow?

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We mainly have cats inside and out, but please know that I love dogs and all other animals too!  Heck I work on someone’s” pet project” every day, via appointment worldwide!  I also enjoy birds, and I am convinced Spirt sends them to me.

Just the other day a bird I’ve never seen before landed on the edge outside my office window just to say hello.  It’s not my brother, but I know he’s sending them just as a lark (pun intended).  Not suprising we have a crow that shows up daily for food.  He eats leftover cat food/high grade kibble that the outsiders leave behind.  Recently I put out a bowl just for him.  As only my skeptical friend in South Florida would say, “How do you know it’s the same crow?” Oh I don’t know, maybe because it shows up at the same time every day alone and lands on the same fence post every time!

Why doubt Spirit?  Run headstrong into the mystical magical world and more will appear.  You can live your life like nothing matters and we’ll be worm food or live your life giving and loving others and leaning into acceptance and allowance knowing that this is not the end of our journey but just one of many.  I see you being in allowance and acceptance of miracles showing up today and always as you read this now.

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“I’ll meet you in the field” Rumi said.  The field of infinite possibility, physics and play.
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I believe, think, know and feel that I can now be in harmony with everything and everyone in my life and by so doing I am radiating inner peace.  I am ready, willing and able to be more accepting of others and their choices without judgement or ridicule and realize to each his own.  I know, when, where, how and why to harmoize my life in the here and now and move like the willow in the wind knowing that as I balance every area of my life, I am in balance with the Universe.  I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.  I know that if I make a little daily progress the rest of my life will be the best of my life!


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Theme:  Harmony
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So much of our lives are out of “harmony” with things. How many times have you been sad or wished you could do or say this or that? It’s because you were not in harmony with the person, place, thing, pet or situation. Let’s get you back on track with this Zoom event focused on being in harmony with our health, life’s mission, relationships, family, work job career

1) Personal wish: I would like to be more in harmony with ________________

2) Wish for others: let’s harmonize____________ so that we can be on the same page and be in a better place together

3) World view: let’s be more in harmony with the earth, the climate, world peace, etc

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On Deck… Life Force Energy Masterclass
Everything can be broken down into the language of numbers and those numbers measure Life Force Energy – positive vs negative, flow vs block.  So what Spirit came up with and gave to me to give to you, along with the concept of fishing, is to use numbers as a percentage of strength or weakness. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the percentage of probability? We can change them! 

We’re going to simplify and show you how to get even MORE results out of your fishing and show you how to DECREASE taking on blocks and INCREASE your energetic flow.  We will address with finger muscle testing, pendulums and of course standing sway testing.

Stay tuned for this ingenious way to get even more results and amazing outcomes!  It will be in our new Masterclasses Training Center taught in written, audio and video lessons.Tentative release is July 7th (7/7/2023) 

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“Today I will recognize what God has put before me. I will recognize that along with opportunity I will be given enough of the ethereal signs and wiggle room to expand every aspect of my being. People, places, and things can and will work out for me today.”

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Testimonial My Daily Prayer service subscriber!

   Hi. Back is doing great I had a pinched nerve I’m sure now I can walk up steep incline without pain or much sob. KC doing great 26.5 weeks. House has few potential lookers and no bites. Good!! Not a sniff of sale. Eyes doing ok need that to be priority as steady at this point. I can’t thank you enough!!! I’ll keep you updated have upper and lower GI scope on Monday but you enjoy your 4th and your family. Love you Jimmy. 

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In addition, throughout the full 30-days, Jimmy will be dialing into your energetic signature each day upon rising and make certain that you are a clear yes, unclear to no and running forward before you start your day. He is doing the heavy lifting for you around 3am NY time while most of you are asleep in order to smooth out your way and increase your most favorable life outcomes.

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