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Healthy boundaries, what’s that?! Heavenly day.  We are often tested by loved ones and friends to do this, that or the other thing and we give and give until there’s nothing left for ourselves.  Every single day half the clients I talk with are TIRED/EXHAUSTED and we don’t have to wonder why with family, work/job/career, keeping up the house and keeping up with the Jones’.

Take a moment right now and just relax and become fully present where you are and all boundaries to be instead of walls, they are pod bubbles around us. Allow all the nonsense we have to deal with to just melt off of us and onto the floor.  I am seeing you as co-creating healthy boundaries and sticking to them and allowing spirit to show you the simple way, NOW.

I came upon a funny graphic the other day on the internet called “12 Rules for Staying F@&!*#^ Sane” and decided to re-write my own version for all you My Liquid Fish™  users!

  1. Fish like you’ve never fished before!  If you’re not already doing it daily click here to take the course!
  2. Avoid debating idiots (a large part of these can be found in family and friends). Like The Beatles say, Let It Be!
  3. Laugh at all the silly stuff.  Believe me your higher self and guardians sure are.
  4. Stop trying to save everyone. As of today, hard stop – as some of them don’t even want your help!
  5. STOP obsessing about things you can’t change; pandemics. chem trails, 5G.
  6. STOP overthinking everything. You’ll never regret what you did, just what you wish you would have done!
  7. STOP avoiding things you should be taking head on; abuse, loved ones, work, the new diet or exercise routine.
  8. Prepare for mayhem, because life is not fair and can sometimes even be cruel.  Do your best and let the rest go.
  9. You’re not incomplete, stop waiting for someone to rescue or complete you.  You’ll be fine, you always were, return to your own power.
  10. STOP expecting others to think like you.  Each person has their own struggles you may not be privy to.
  11. STOP seeking the approval of others; believe me they’re obsessed with their own stuff and would have to WANT to change.
  12. Don’t get involved with a bi-polar, narcissist, sociopath.  I know it’s specific, but you’ll know who they are by their constant reveals.

and Lucky 13…  Join us for this month’s Zoom event featuring healing your inner child and creating new boundaries for the new you.

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I believe, think, know and feel that boundaries can be easy to adjust and comfort me just by saying NO! I am ready, willing and able for spirit to show me the simple ideal way to do things and how to be so that I am safe and comfortable in my life NOW.   I know, when, where, how and why to allow an awakening to see who fits into my world and who I can be without. I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.

Wishing you the rest of your life will be the best of your life and remember to make progress every day!

JUNE Zoom Event

ON JUNE 30TH at 7:30pm ET

Theme: Healing and Uplifting the Wounded Inner Child
Fee= $22, includes live call AND replay

Oh wow, what a topic.  Hey it’s what comes through and where we’re going to go digging for gold next!

Issues to clear could include;  the adopted, felt unwanted by friends and family, abuse from mother/father, any lack or handicap; any still lingering issues with siblings!

Good ones to change and strengthen; I now have only great memories of childhood; I was created in God’s imagine with everything I need to thrive; I feel wanted and wholly complete by mom/dad/siblings and God!  You get the idea.  What are your 3 wishes?   What would you delete or strengthen?

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A reminder to keep your eyes open… the fish signs are everywhere!

This was sent in to us… it’s an incense stick burning down and forming the fish symbol!

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“I’m feeling some joy to have encountered you and your marvelous work. I’ve studied so many modalities hoping to create healing in the world, but feeling stuck for some time. Panic attack yesterday, my kids living in bomb shelters in the mid-east, dentist wants to pull too many teeth; and then you appear like a little ray of sunshine. I have an appointment soon and Ill listen to recordings and rock back on forth facing north ’till we shall meet. Blessings and joy.” – R. Sara
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