TGIWednesday Happy New Years Eve! and another gift for you

Please know that I am wishing everyone the best of today and a prosperous, joy filled 2015…

Daily I go on a walk through our neighborhood and down to the dock and sit by the water just for a bit.  It calms my being and allows me to get through what most would consider a frantic day.

Just this little walk is like a stroll of a moving, breathing, Zen path mediation where all gets reset and becomes neutral in my world.

Believe you me, you are in my prayers as you read this now, sit with your eyes closed just for 10 seconds, breathe deep and you can feel the good Stuff I am sending you now.  Did you feel it?  Isn’t that wild!

Often, others have asked what I listen to.  Below is a free download sample which, minus the wave noises, was similar to what I heard during my NDE in ICU.  So enjoy it all and know that 2015 will be a water shed year of letting go of what needs to be let go of and co-creating new and expansive fun, money and friendships that will endure.

Love, thankfulness and countless blessings to you now.


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