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If I wake up and the marine drill sergeant is in my head screaming, You’re worthless and weak, now drop and give me 20 push-ups!” That’s when I know that some negative anchor that’s not even me has in fact infiltrated my head space.  It is imperative that you fish that out and then test positive for learned all the lessons I needed to from negative mind chatter and fish until you test the statement, “Being caught up in negative mind chatter still serves me” to a big resounding NO!

It is common to have this creep up on us. If you go to a crowded store, sporting or entertainment event or a large healthcare facility, then chances are that negative ick got on you like a wet fog and it’s not you talking all this negativity, it’s someone or something else.

Make every effort to become and remain positive as much for your sanity as for those around you.  Yet another boost to keeping you positive is our newly released Audio MP3 and I believe, think, know and feel that this could make a difference in your attitude and outlook too!  Be blessed and remain positive.


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“MyBeliefWorks for Elevating and Infusing Your Enthusiasm for Life”

Now more than ever we need to turn the tide energetically to the positive so that we do our part to contribute to all?; and still have hope to fulfill our own wishes and dreams on this ?life’s? journey.  Let’s take out the feeling of drudgery and install optimism and better outcomes with this new Audio MP3.  It can happen!

The audio recording is different because it’s truly a turbo-powered positivity BOOSTER!  By listening, it will support you in elevating your observations of life’s blessings, taking time for yourself, reconnecting with loved ones and also honoring your guidance and empowering you to take the actions that will lead you to accomplishing your goals with enthusiasm!

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This prayer is a spiritually divine call to action individually playable for each section of the day, arising in the morning, continuing through afternoon, evening and finally bedtime. It very well could be your new favorite “go to” daily pick-me-up in order to give you the added infusion of energy to stay strong throughout your day and your life! You’re going to really enjoy this one because it’s short and sweet, yet impactful and all encompassing.

Over 80 clearings delivered on 1 PDF with 5 total MP3 recordings.

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I believe, think, know and feel that as fast as the negative came upon me that I can shake it off and fish it out and come back to being positive. I am ready, willing and able to put in the effort, get off the couch and out of my head in order to renew positivity and to regain an upbeat disposition. I know, when, where, how and why to call in more strength than protection and to accentuate the positive in all areas and to find that which resonates in an amazing and uplifting way to keep my positive enthusiasm for life cranked up!  I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is that making a little progress each and every day will co-create the rest of your life to be the best of your life.

Theme:  Women’s Challenges
Pre-register at Calendly for $22 (includes reminders and replay)

I really salute the Goddess energy and love women.  I believe them to be wildly psychic, loving and caring and without them we would not be reading this now!  Granny Ruth used to say “you better be good to you’re momma, it’s the only one you’ll ever have.” So let’s launch into and support women worldwide by co-creating profound changes in the 3 categories below.

  1. Physical issues and challenges that you are personally having right now.  Can be any topic. 

(Help to clear me of fibroids, Uterine issues, Breast lumps, pre/current or post-partum depression, or menopause, sleepless nights, hot flashes, etc)

  1. Family issues and challenges

Help to foster a loving relationship/reconcile/rekindle between me and my spouse/mother/father/son/daughter/partner, send blessings to my loved one because they’re going through____.  And for there to be peace, and harmony in our home.

  1. Worldwide view

Allow for women to be treated equally worldwide.  Ask for Spirit to foster acceptance for women to be recognized for all they’ve done and continue to do.  Erase genocide in all forms and especially trafficking, abuse of any and all kinds and mistreatment of our sisters in other countries. 

You get the idea.  Oh and for the men, you’re still welcome to join in and participate and ask as if these are prayers are for YOUR partner, wife, mother, sister, daughter, niece, aunt etc.

Pre-Register Now – $22
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From the Fish Box
  Hi Jimmy. You did two readings for me in feb. and march. I was very worried I had lung cancer or some other cancer because of a pain in my back. Both of your readings you didn’t pick up on anything and said”nothing catastrophic” that became my mantra. Well I finally went to the doctor and had a series of screenings. You were right. I thought you should know that. I do have severe arthritis of the lumbar spine but everything else was clear. Thank you for all you do. – Kathy S.
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“Today I will watch closely what I do and avoid risks that could result in long lasting negative effects. As I move forward with my health, I will take a road less traveled. I will preserve and move in the direction of my goals and ignore the nay-sayers.”

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