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You can see and experience a ton of funny life stories and life lessons if you’ll just be open, observant and receptive.

I was in our local grocery store the other day in the milk isle area as a man in a three-wheeler came to a screeching halt and almost hit me.  He looked at me with determination and said, “Can you help me?” “Sure!” I said.  He pointed up to the very top row of milk and waaaay in the back was one little quart of regular milk that he wanted me to get for him.  I’m thinking, oh wow that’s way high, way in the back and maybe we should call a store clerk to help.

He could see the hesitation in my face.  Without saying a word the frail man in the handicapped scooter rose up out of his chair and put a shaky foot on the ledge of the display case and hoisted himself up by grabbing higher shelves, reached as far back as he could without even looking and grabbed the milk and nearly fell backwards.  I’m thinking if I try to grab him we’re both going down on the hard waxed floor and someone will need to call the paramedics.  He slowly regained his footing on the edge of the display case, jumped down, hopped in his scotter and without saying a word tore off like a little race car.

Always remember, he who hesitates could be lost and if you want something done right, you’ll probably need to do it yourself.  Self-reliance is a deep innate power we all have and if it is to be, it is up to me to get moving!

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I believe, think, know and feel that a greater power within me will propel all action and co-create changes in my life here and now. I am ready, willing and able to take what I have learned over lifetimes and apply it to this one so that I continue to become more empowered. I know when, where how and why to inspire and encourage my own self confidence with more positive self talk so that I can rise to my potential. I am asking in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is!
Know that if you’ll make a little daily progress, the rest of your life will be the best of your life.
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Q) “I wanted to know how long do I need to listen to your audios to possibly see change, or for things to be cleared and do I need headphones? Do I need to listen at night and things like that?” – Sasha

A) “YES!  Any of the money beliefs could only help/contribute to you.  Headphones absolutely.  A few times should do the trick of listening.  After that you can play them on low in the room either lap top/tablet/phone so that it is barely audible and that creates waves of energy that can only help financially!  Listening at night or during any quiet period is best.  How long will it take?  We’’ll see!  We never know what we’ll get and that’s part of the fascination!”  Many blessings JMack

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