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df2b5858-3628-4e3c-aa6a-676f5dce2b31.jpgWell, my birthday week has been a little out of whack. My voice is still not 100% and I thank folks for sending their wishes and prayers and hey – if you’re into fishing and praying and healing – by all means please work on me work on my voice my vocal cords my larynx anything you see fit to bolster my body thank you………….. all will be back to normal soon.

It’s been feeling a bit off with all the recent planetary retrogrades and full moons lately so since I can’t record a new video download this week, we went into the archives and pulled up one for having more ease with planetary changes – enjoy!

Also, we had a wonderful kick-off of the new Fountain of Youth audio release this month and many wonderful comments. We will be sending out a separate email today or tomorrow (only to those buyers) with details & link for registering for the bonus call next Wednesday – so if that’s you….be on the lookout!

TGIWednesday Download

It is safe and comfortable for me to experience planetary changes and fluctuations. I am safe and comfortable moving forward with grace and ease, regardless of the time of year or the moon phases. I will come to the realization that a lot of the stuff I am picking up on and feeling isn’t even mine and I shed it and let it go as I hear or read this now. Throughout all space and time and in all languages so it is.

From the Fish Box
"Hi, Jimmy. I wish you happy birthday. I will pray for you. 🙂 I am so grateful that I found replay of you in Lauren Galey’ s show. It was a miracle. In the middle of the night while I was sleeping I suddenly got a strong impulse to check new replays which are available during weekends. You touched me. I am already using liquid fish. Thank you. I wish you all the best, greetings from sLOVEnia." – V. S.
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It’s time for another soul talk. I’ve been invited as a featured guest for Thursday August 29th at 5pm EDT/ 2pm PDT on Soul Talk Live w/Patty Malek where our topic will be Relieving Chronic Pain & Restoring Youth & Vitality. Register here and join us then!

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Listen here to yesterday’s replay – Grace Hom
Intuitive, healer and alchemist
*Jimmy had no voice so our producer Tiffany filled in as host

Listen Here August 27th – Rev Debbie Dienstbier
Transmedium, communications with your loved ones in spirit. Profound messages from an experienced psychic medium and healer. Visit Facebook page

Numerology, Astrology and Angel Card Readings from the heart!

SEPTEMBER 10th – Carolan Carey
Radio show host, The Psychic Medium of Sarasota. Profound readings and messages from spirit

SEPTEMBER 17th – Laura Romero
Psychic intuitive and angelic readings from spirit. Radio host herself. Readings via phone, or skype

SEPTEMBER 24th – Rev Debbie Dienstbier
Transmedium, communications with your loved ones in spirit. Profound messages from an experienced psychic medium and healer. Visit Facebook page

Check out for a full listing & all replays!

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Tampa folks come see me on FRIDAYs – I’m scheduling 15 and 30 minute appointments at Kodawari Yoga Studios from 10am-2pm.

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