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It’s not too late to join us on our monthly Zoom call tonight at 7:30pm ET and if you can’t be there live, register now and you’ll get the replay tomorrow.

We have a lot of folks joining us and writing in with their top 3 concerns and it’s a great barometer for where you are right now. At home? Scared? Stuck energy? Concerned about social/political/societal unrest? The pandemic, the economy and more? What are your 3 personal mores both good and bad? Write down 3 things YOU would like us to clear for you, family/friends/society/the world that would improve your life’s situation. Scroll down for the button to join us tonight and send in those suggestions to support by 3 o’clock.

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I believe think, know and feel that I am empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant. I am ready, willing and able to be more cliesensient, telepathic, telekinetic and remote view. I know, when, where, how and why to see inside the body, to read inside the body field, to be precognizant clairaudient, clairgustant and to have extra sensory perception. I am asking in all languages, throughout all time lines and so it is here and now.

MySwitchWorks Event TONIGHT!
Live Call TONIGHT JUNE 24th 7:30pm EDTf1c1bb34-775f-48e3-912f-d3aee951c73c.png

This one will be about keeping the peace in you, your family and your world. Coming together in peace and resolution, meeting of the hearts and minds. What would you like to clear to create a more peaceful and grounded life?

Also think of what your triggers are right now. I’ve had clients mad because others aren’t wearing face masks, while others are furious that folks are complying by wearing face masks. It is a mixed up mess. What is triggering you? Marching, rioting, looting, injustice, violence, history? statues? the name of syrups? missing hugs? concerts? sporting events? Let’s get clear of all this and act locally and pray globally.

Wednesday June 24, 2020 – 30 minutes
7:30pm EDT | 4:30pm PDT | 12:30am UK
Replay sent to ALL who are registered.
This will be a non-participation call, all listeners will be muted.

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As one person on Facebook wrote when recommending to a friend:
"These Zoom calls are an absolute "yawn fest" (in the very best sense 😉 He works fast and furious with releases."

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JUNE 24th
"Today I will meet in the middle like the perfect recipe for progress. I will season movement and forward progress with a touch of a feeling and a more humanistic touch. I will allow the middle ground to find me and go forward without getting bogged down in the past or the future."
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Yesterday’s Show -Special Guest Gosia Lorenz Intuitive, Transformation clearings

June 30th at 4pm – Reverend Debbie Dienstbier
Our resident trans medium communications with your loved ones in spirit.
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From the Fish Box
Q) "Hi Jimmy Mack! I saw your pet healing mp3 and I have 3 cats with behavioral issues. I was wondering 2 things: 1) can I play your mp3 for my cats without me being in the room, and 2) Is it possible to just set the intention as I play the mp3 to just send the healing to "my cat (name)"? Would any of those 2 work? Thanks Jimmy!" – Katie G

A) "Thanks Katie, both methods would work……I have a big fat black cat with green eyes that runs the house and I am a LEO So I love cats, but if you have three, you now merely have a small space in their house!!! Lol so keep that in mind for sure." – Jimmy

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You can add yourself and those living in your immediate household and yes you can include pets! Merely include everyone’s names and Jimmy will add them to his daily prayers. *NOTE if the MDP Service was purchased via a special telesummit or radio show offer, prayers will be limited to BUYER ONLY – and will not include family members or pets.

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For those who aren’t familiar, here’s the list of the MyBeliefWorks™ audio library. b977d312-ea97-4589-9b37-15b3f47e622c.jpgFind a topic that addresses your issue(s), click on the link to read more. We had a lot of help downloading & channeling these over the years & they keep getting better. Don’t forget… you can share these with you immediate friends and family.
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