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Yes it’s July, and YES it’s hot somewhere between OMG and WTF! And to top off that
S-show it’s Mercury Retrograde. So if folks were supposed to meet you at 12noon and they went to the Starbucks across town and not the one you’re at, you’ll at least know why. They say it’s not a good time to start something big, shiny and new, BUT (as I pointed to my butt) you can FINISH things during retrograde. So keep that in mind. Could be legal issues, a final surgery or project. Dates of this time include July 7th through the 31st.

fdc71900-8ce0-47c5-98f0-307d21904d46.jpgIt is when the planet of communications, Mercury, appears to be orbiting in reverse. So half texts or missed important calls, dropped calls, wrong emails etc., are not uncommon. Keep the faith and fish out WHATEVER is bothering you regardless of the planets and know that you do have a magic wand in using the process of My Liquid Fish® Change made simple®

Also for our Florida friends if your eyes, nose, ears and throat are bothering you more than usual, there was a Sahara dust cloud that passed over the state of Florida a week ago (you can’t make this stuff up/google it).

So since we’re not used to scorpion or camel droppings, imagine breathing in Sahara desert air!? Ugh……..clear yourself for this or reach out and I will do it with you info Oh and if you’re already on My Daily Prayer services it’s already included for free.

ON DECK….. the audio mp3 "MyBeliefWorks™ for Restoring The Fountain of Youth" has been recorded and it’s the longest one yet – here’s what an early listener had to say:

“Vitality is a word we see in articles and on products but it usually feels abstract or unattainable. What’s remarkable about this download is that after listening to it, the definition of vitality felt more realistic, more incorporated, more in the now. It made me realize that true vitality is actually equal parts energy AND calmness, the combination of youthful zest and the peace of maturity…best of both worlds! Thanks Jimmy!" – B.B. / Los Angeles Also in progress… "Financial Windfall" which will be the 4th in a series on money and increasing your wealth, attracting abundance.

TGIWednesday Download

It is safe and comfortable to have discernment and direction in my life here and now.
I know when, where, how and why with spirits guiding hand to know where to go and when to start. I am ready willing and able to have spirit show me the simple way.
I believe, think, know and feel that the way shower of spirit will hold the lantern lighting my path and leading the way.I am asking for this in all languages and throughout all time lines and so it is.

FREE Weekly LIVE Healings and Messages
Today July 3rd at 3pm EDT will be doing my monthly show on Spiritual Insights Radio with host Charlotte Spicer. We’ll be taking callers for free readings! Call (347)-934-0751 or Listen here online

Tune in Monday, July 8th at 6pm EDT, for an episode of the Dr. Sarah Let’s Talk About It! Blog Talk Radio Show where we will be talking about getting clear and BEing clear of energies that may be blocking you from living your life fully. Listen here online


1cce4188-cb00-4ef9-8187-ab52971f6bab.jpgI’m honored to be participating during this new season or The Transformation Show TeleSummit with Durva Ghandi. I’ll be taking LIVE callers and talking about and doing clearings for "Accelerating the Speed of Change with My Liquid Fish" on Wednesday July 10th at 5pm EDT/ 2pm PDT

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  9. How To Recreate Optimal Health and Well-Being In Your Physicality by William Linville

I’m thrilled to add my name to the list of speakers this year so be sure to mark your calendars and join us, it’s free! There should be a replay if you can’t join us live but you need to sign up! >>Sign up here

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Listen to yesterday’s replay – Psychic Joanne Leo
Angel cards, numerology, astrology, and readings from the heart!

Listen here July 9th – Jeremy Riden
Life Coaching, inspirational speaker and an intuitive

Listen here July 16th – Maria Martinez
Intuitive and an expert in increasing good fortune

Listen here July 23rd – Ayla Murray
NOTE: This is Jimmy’s 150th Episode on Goldylocks Productions!

Psychic, astrologer, and teacher of the two.

Listen here July 30th – Rev Debbie Dienstbier
Transmedium, communications with your loved ones in spirit. Profound messages from an
experienced psychic medium and healer.
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Check out for a full listing & all replays!

From the Fish Box
"Hi Jimmy, How are you? I had my session with you about one month ago now and I want to let you know how I am doing. My goiter did not shrink so far, but I guess that will take more time. The pain that I felt before is less though. I am taking the black seed oil you advised me. My throat is still bothering me: Sleeping is getting better fortunately! The digestive supplements you advised me to take are working well! Neck: you told me my C2 was out of alignment: I had 6 session with a chiropractor and the pain is much less! Thanks a lot. Blessings"- H.S. / Netherlands
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Tampa folks come see me on FRIDAYs – I’m scheduling 15 and 30 minute appointments at Kodawari Yoga Studios from 10am-2pm.

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It includes The Tackle Box & Spiritual Healing Techniques ebooks PLUS 2 MP3s "Clearing Dark Energies" & "Increasing Your Intuition" to help clear, strengthen and prepare your energy field for optimal “fishing” results.

This is a work-at-your-own-pace curriculum that will TEACH & CLEAR you at the same time!In under 2wks you will be finished with the program and ready to fish on your own with greater results! Level II offers Practitioner Certification for those who qualify.

Receive 24/7 Daily Prayers From Jimmy
I will dial into you daily in the wee hours and make certain that you are a CLEAR YES, UNCLEAR to NO and RUNNING FORWARD before you start your day.

You will send me a list of the members of your immediate household, and yes even pets, and I will add them to my daily prayers. I will arise daily before you are even awake to start my prayers and also run my intelligent computer software 24/7 deleting the negative and increasing the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of outcomes for you and the family.

Each comes with a one-time email analysis print out via the intelligent healing software that I use on your behalf. Most clients have had amazing results and outcomes and I get emails of thanks each and every week!

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Fish Food The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish
Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations
JULY 3rd – "Today I will pay attention to signs. I will realize that there is an endless timeline in the greater scheme of life. Some tragedy today could be a triumph tomorrow. I will remain resilient in the face of daunting tasks. I will remain encouraged."
For those who aren’t familiar, here’s the list of the MyBeliefWorks™ audio library. b977d312-ea97-4589-9b37-15b3f47e622c.jpgFind a topic that addresses your issue(s), click on the link to read more. We had a lot of help downloading & channeling these over the years & they keep getting better.
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