TGIWednesday and clearing dark energies from your space

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TGIWednesday News
Mercury retrograde begins again today through Nov. 3rd and before that we’re coming up on another full moon on Halloween night. Never ask, "What could possibly go wrong with this?" because they will show you!

Instead, I like making statements like, "We will make it through all of this with grace and ease." "Every day in every way, regardless of circumstances – my life improves!" And "Regardless of world events, politics, or even the weather; my life will stay on track and with each passing day I will be rewarded!" Wow, these came through as fast as I could type!

Please know that clearing yourself and your home is a daily occurrence and some days are better than others. I believe life is like blood sugar/blood pressure and a lava lamp – constantly changing. So it’s important to check in & fish out and try to influence the change to go your way.

2a30a107-773a-4c51-a8c8-2a0bff91fb3e.pngRemember that this month we are offering the Dark Energies Audio MP3 at a discountClick here for an automatic 20% off!

aad1b2a4-c283-4b53-9cca-4c5f445bc0f8.pngAlso, you can truly benefit from some AMAZING free clearings for entities etc that were a part of yesterday’s live show.
Watch this replay with my guest Gosia Lorenz.

For the local folks, this Friday I will be LIVE in person at Dr. Charla Tempone’s Tampa office. ☎️ (813) 873-7773 Call this number to get on my schedule there.

And the final announcement is that we are VERY close to releasing our newest MP3 (and the latest addition to our Money series) called MyBeliefWorks™ for Experiencing a Bountiful Harvest. This will include over 130 clearings for aligning with and inviting in money flows of plenty so you can have more ease and fun receiving, growing, having and spending money; allowing you to have greater wealth to joyfully share with others knowing that Spirit will always provide and you will have more than enough. Stay tuned!!…

TGIWednesday Download
I believe, think, know and feel that as I read or hear this now I am clearing my body and my space of all dark energies. I know, when, where, how and why to ask spirit and the light to clear out any negative beings and to bring more light into my world. I am ready, willing and able to move forward clear of dark entities and any and all dark energies and I am asking in all languages and throughout all timelines.
LIVE Appearances – Free Healing
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Tampa Office Sessions
3c551cfc-679e-4707-b8a4-4c52466b5fb8.jpgTHIS FRIDAY October 16th from 10am-4pm
Please call their office directly at
☎️ (813) 873-7773 in order to get on the schedule for 15-minutes $38 or 30-minutes $68. If you’re new to working with me, I suggest you schedule 30 minutes.

I’ll be offering sessions at Dr. Charla Tempone’s NEW office at Swann Holistic Health Solutions 403 S. Habana Ave. Tampa, FL 33609
Just south of Azeele next to Skin Savvy