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It is safe and comfortable for me to sleep. I believe, think, know and feel when the time is right to sleep and when it is ideal to sleep. I create a nightly routine that tells this body when it’s time to wind down and go to sleep. I know when, where, how and why to sleep with grace and ease. I get enough sleep to make it through my day with vigor. I am asking for this here and now, in all languages and across all time lines. And so it is.

Featured Clearing MP3 for April
How many of us are getting enough sleep? Deep sleep? Awaken to feel rested? Probably the minority of us are in that category. Instead most of us are waking up in the middle of the night, finding it hard to get to sleep, or finding it hard to stay asleep. My family practice doctor and friend always says, “People have no idea how much healing they can do if they’d just get 2 or 3 nights of good sleep!” I’m sure that’s something most of us would like to change and could use some help with… or maybe you sleep next to someone who does :).
That’s why for the rest of April, we are featuring the MyBeliefworks Clearings for Improving Your Sleep Audio at 20% OFF .
I encourage you to get the support you need for better sleep today and you can play this one on low volume and loop while you sleep. Click here to get or gift a copy today.

And I also have to share my sincere Thanks to all of you who purchased "The Good Good" mp3 – happy to see SO many new folks trying it for the first time & getting results – keep sending in those testimonials!

April LIVE Appearances
Every Tuesday at 12pm ET
Call in LIVE (713) 955-0594

ceac43cb-41cf-49dc-bce5-01ce7f315ed1.jpgImagine getting FREE intuitive messages and healings LIVE! Well, it happens every week on my radio show with some of the best psychic readers & intuitive healers on the planet! Tune in weekly for the FREE live show or replay and YOU will receive changes & healings just by listening!

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YESTERDAY’S REPLAY – Special Guest William Austin –Helping Lightworkers, Healers, and Starseeds to Heal, Grow and Succeed.

spiritualdeb. Listen in to find out how to get the Pet MP3 for FREE!

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7e7640eb-0f8d-4d72-a002-4ae6b506c63b.jpgTampa Bay area locals can book a live session with me EVERY WEDNESDAY from 9am – 1:15pm
AND EVERY FRIDAY from 10:30am – 2pm

Call Kodawari’s front desk directly to schedule
(813) 773-4017 and pay at the concierge desk…
15 minutes 33$ or 30 minutes 65$.

Wed. April 25th from 9am – 1:15pm
Fri. April 27th 10:30am – 2pm

3965 Henderson Blvd Suite C Tampa
(813) 773-4017


I will be taking appointments at Dr. Charla Tempone’s office at the Swann Holistic Health Center, please see upcoming dates below and please call their office to book time from 10-4pm (813) 873-7773 15-minutes 33$’s 30-minutes 65$’s If you’re new to working with me, I suggest you schedule 30 minutes.

Monday May 14th

39 A Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL
(813) 873-7773
Book time from 10-4pm

Fish Food The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish
c3f19d5d-a2c1-4f6d-80f0-86c383c2fa76.jpgTell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations
& Affirmations

APRIL 18th – "So I would say to you today. What are you really experiencing? How do you feel? What makes the most sense to you? What feels right and comforting? What is giving you the green light and what is giving you a deeper knowing?"

Buy the book and get all 365 Days

From the Fish Box
"We are finally at our new place and breathing the sweet air of FREEDOM : ) thank you SO SO SO much for all your support at the end of March. We would love to keep up the daily prayers….with new things for the list. [UPDATE] I knew the moment your prayers were coming our way! And hey….get this, this was the first year I got something BACK from the tax office. It wasn’t a lot BUT it was the first time. House was found and puppy’s pooping was good….so yeah for YOU XOXOXOX" – Kara.Y. / Florida

"My husband just signed up for monthly auto renewal for your prayer service. We sure felt a difference. I loved it since it was his idea that said to continue FOR SURE–his words! Yeah!" – L.J. / Virginia

Receive 24/7 Daily Prayers From Jimmy
Got a job interview next week? Going to court? Trying to get a mortgage? Surgery scheduled for you or a loved one? These are just some of the life at the crossroads events that are ideal for My Daily Prayer program. I am doing the heavy lifting for you around 3AM while you’re asleep in order to smooth out your way!
Hi Jimmy,I am doing well, especially those 2 weeks of your prayers. Instantly on Monday I started to feel the energy change and I felt a feeling of being lost. However these last 2 weeks I am more grounded than ever. I will buy another 2 weeks!! – Julie / New Mexico

412f889f-ddcc-43df-a37d-03e3ad7ea038.jpgNow available with 7 day ($33), 14 day ($66), and 30 day ($99) service options, including an ongoing subscription ($95/month).

Each comes with a one-time email analysis print out via the intelligent healing software that I use on your behalf. Most clients have had amazing results and outcomes!

I will dial into you daily upon rising and make certain that you are a CLEAR YES, UNCLEAR to NO and RUNNING FORWARD before you start your day.

You will send me a list of the members of your immediate household, and yes even pets, and I will add them to my daily prayers. I will arise daily before you are even awake to start my prayers and also run my intelligent computer software 24/7 deleting the negative and increasing the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of outcomes for you and the family. .

This has made a tremendous difference in private clients lives and it is now being offered to everyone.

Fishing Mastery Online Course
Level I is OPEN FOR ANYONE to join at any time!
Certificate of Mastery Program for My Liquid Fish® Change made simple®

948f5de0-baad-421a-a926-b915ec1f53f0.jpgThis online course is for anyone who is familiar with OR new to "fishing" and is ready to dive into the deep end & get results that are beyond the ordinary!

It’s a work-at-your-own-pace curriculum that will TEACH you AND CLEAR you at the same time! You’ll also be working with me personally over the phone as a part of your final Mastery Certification test.

Certified Practitioner Online Course
457ec1e8-41b9-4f1b-b8b8-e0464e00314c.jpgAlso, the Level II Practitioner’s Course includes the Advanced teachings and nuances plus the exclusively written "The Practitioner’s Handbook" which is dedicated to those who practice in the healing arts; Psychics, Healers, NP, AP, DOM, DO, MD, DC, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, RNs, Nurse Practitioners, PhDs, and Physician Assistants or currently practicing another modality, technique or method that includes natural healing in your home office or office setting, phone and or Skype and is ONLY available in the Practitioner’s Certification Program. This book outlines some of the inner workings of how I handle my own practice including topics like; managing unrealistic expectations, having patience, pricing, time isn’t always equal to outcomes or results, having limits, legal and ethical questions, advice on supplements, marketing, promotion, and sales, daily rituals for you and your clients/patients.
My Liquid Fish® Jewelry and Art
82ac4054-68d4-439e-8dfa-a2b30ce50ae2.jpgc41703f2-5eb9-4d02-bbb2-3275f9fbced9.jpgCheck out this brand new "energy art" from artist Julia Watkins featuring My Liquid Fish®! Learn more about purchasing a stunning pendant or a print of this original art piece (pictured here) which can literally be called an "energy portal". I believe you will find these pieces to be gorgeous keepsakes and each is empowered with the energy of My Liquid Fish® Change made simple®

Created by world renowned Energy Artist Julia Watkins
Watch this short 6-min video presentation all about it!

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