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Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and I always think of my mother fondly as she has always been one that radiates pure joy and love to everyone. We’ve adopted a pink color this month for the e-newsletter in honor of all the mothers and Mother Earth in general. It’s all sheer goddess energy that’s about compassion and loving-kindness…. so remember that always whether you have or had the greatest mother ever or never knew your mother …..think of Mother Earth and the goddess energy as replenishing everyone and everything always.

Coming up tomorrow is a cool radio interview called Quantum Conversations w/host Lauren Galey if you want to tune in click here. It’s free of course like so much of our stuff. Someone once said, “find what you love and give it away” and we sure do a lot of that! But I honestly want you to experience how FAST change can be for you and your loved ones. Whether its a body issue, mental health, work, job, career or other. I can work with you or you can learn how to work on and about yourself. Know that I am here as a way-shower and resource to and for you. One love!

d702bd5c-1476-4003-a5cf-2b0d8cbb2021.pngAnd it’s also the final week of our Abundance Audio MP3 launch and if you haven’t scooped this one up, by all means, get it asap while you can still save 25% off the regular price.

The Being in Divine Flow with Universal Abundance audio is part of a series focusing on Prosperity, money and increasing your good fortune. This particular MP3 has been simmering for over a year and goes deep to combine your abilities to create wealth while still keeping you grounded on this earth plane. I believe it can make a difference in your life and that’s why I pour so much of myself and spirit into co-creating these tools for you.

"Just letting you know that since I purchased the new abundance mp3, I have been listening to it most days, a few times a day. The second day I cleaned out my wallet and found a few old lottery tickets (megamillions and powerball). I checked them at the gas station and one of them was a twelve dollar winner. First time in a long time that I have won anything on them, and they were all a few weeks old. Then this morning I switched purses and as I was moving stuff from the purse I have been using for a few months to another, I did a quick sweep of one of the inner pockets looking for anything important, and I felt paper. I pulled it out and it was money, a little under $300. I had no idea it was even in there even though I have been using that purse since before Christmas…. Lol..
Thank You!
~ P. M.
MyBeliefWorks™ for Being in Divine Flow with Universal Abundance
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TGIWednesday Download

I am surpassing love to the level of joy and I am asking spirit to download the vibration of this for you as well. I believe, think, know and feel that joy can be achieved and sustained. I am ready, willing and able to experience new levels of joy.
I know when, where, how and why to accept more joy in my life and share it with others now through services of Love and understanding and so it is throughout all lifetimes, languages and more.

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