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TGICyber Monday
Gotta join in on the Cyber Monday craze and I’ve decided to offer a discount on the "Trifecta of Stress Relief" for this time of year that everyone can benefit from! You can share these Audio MP3’s with friends and family and even gift them to that special someone. What about the non-believers of this woo-woo you ask? Well, YOU can listen to the Audio MP3 on their behalf and ask God ,as you know God to be, to send this transformational healing to them too!

Act now because these featured audios are priced at$33 EACH FOR JUST 72 HRS! and this deal ends this Wednesday the 29th at Midnight PST.

d471a56e-e16e-4de9-9198-ddad1b209c24.jpgMyBeliefworks™ for Healing Family Relationships
Family gatherings can be dicey and dreadful. This Audio MP3 can clear longstanding feuds, that least favorite family member, family drama, chaos and angst and act as a forgiveness barometric tool between you and the family dissipating events

77c423be-8574-45fb-a817-76f9f2ab9e6f.jpgMyBeliefworks™ for Relieving Holiday Stress
Relatives, the Mall, buying presents for everyone and that something you forgot, feeling rushed and overwhelmed……ugh … it’s not just regular anxiety stress, it’s “extra fancy anxiety” This audio clears that added pressure that piles up on your shoulders during this time of year and allows for smooth!

b7dd4610-03a4-4117-822a-90b103cd4d80.jpgMyBeliefworks™ for Traveling with Ease
Remember the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles?" Ugh, packing, running late, extra traffic, rude people, delays, turbulence and the TSA….it’s all in this Audio and can clear the path to make any trip more Zen-like, peaceful and calm!
You can select all 3 for $99 total (a huge $72 savings)

Shop Here Now!


*FUN FACT: Play these audios on low or no volume on repeat in the background at your family gathering and see more joy come to all.

"I played the Family MP3 once earlier this week and again on the drive over to our Thanksgiving party yesterday and we had probably the best family get-together we’ve had in years!! So much fun and laughter and ease. My sister and her kids even showed up (without the husband). The meal flowed so well, everyone got along, we played games, got silly with karaoke, and no flare ups or tension of any kind. I had the audio on silently and looped for a couple of hours in the back of the room and as you say… nothing short of miraculous. What a change and great memories for all." ~ S.B. / Florida

"I have to admit – wasn’t super excited about the travel audio…was more interested in your books. Must say – LOVED it – as someone who stresses about travel – it was a true surprise blessing!!!! xxoo" – A.C. / Australia

Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations November 27th

"Today I press on past what cannot be changed. I will change what I can and I will weave and bob my way through the myriad of stupidity that is sometimes rampant around the globe. I will see it for what it is and plow through it all and keep moving."

Get the book & read the full story here.

The link below here is for all the other audios available
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