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Hi Jimmy,

It’s been such a whirlwind of activity lately but we found the time to prepare the release of the VERY popular Purple Rain Process that was recorded live on Darius’ show back in March.

We received an immediate and incredible reaction from listeners from around the world:

“Oh man Jimmy that purple rain process was so powerful. I just listened again and it brought tears to my eyes. Very deep. Still shifting!! Thank you .” – Donna H.

“The purple rain process was life changing and I would like to keep using it every day & night to keep making this amount of progress every day.  Extremely effective at reaching & clearing deep levels of stuck energy quickly.  I absolutely love it!!!” – Patricia

“Thank you I loved the purple healing rain on the Darius session, thank you.” – Caroline

“How miraculous, we all felt that Purple Rain shift for sure! Even Darius commented and felt like it shifted other parts of the world and conflicts and he was spot on!  Miracles never cease.” – Amanda

“Just wanted to express my gratitude to you all for making these. Listening to Jimmy go through his Purple Rain clearing last month on YWR, when the yard was covered with violet blooms was really great!  – Kate C. / VA

This never before released audio recording of that event is NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FOR JUST $19 and is being added to our new category of digital products in the shop: “Guided Audio Processes” (…and yes, for those of you who will ask, we WILL be releasing a very special Clearing the 5 Anchors Process in the coming weeks and believe me, I’ve expanded on it even more since Darius’ live show, it will be off the charts!)

Buy it Now – Only $19

Through this special process, we will bring restorative, purple/lavender rain energy into wherever there is weakness and wherever you need to be restored. You will hear, see, feel, and experience the purple rain of divine healing energy enter into those darker recessed places of your self that have always longed for healing.  We are going to coat you, cleanse you and bathe you in the purple rain through the power of all that is.

All you need to do is listen to it and either sit comfortably or lay down with your eyes closed. This could be that one process that will make the difference in your life and yes you can listen to it on behalf of others and their challenges too!

NEXT WEDNESDAY MAY 25th at 7:30pm
Pre-register at Calendly for $22 (includes reminders and replay) Mother Earth Goddess Energy
Any issues you’ve had with Mom or being a Mom. Any area where you lacked guidance from Mom, or she was overbearing and anything in between. You’ll be asked to submit your top 3 wishes to change and they will each be addressed and cleared LIVE on this 30-minute Zoom call.

*NOTE* The replay of this call will now be sold for $27 the day after in our shop. So pre-register & submit your items whether or not you can attend live to get the lower price.

**YWR/Darius Season 23 Spring Offer Pkg B or C Buyers: This is call #2 which is INCLUDED in your offer – You will receive a call confirmation email containing the event link the Friday before the live call and notifications the day before and 1-hr before the event.

**Submit your top 3 wishes to change using short powerful sentences by NOON Eastern on the day of the event to

Pre-register Here for $22
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