Access the new COVID-19 audio for FREE!

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Access the new COVID-19 audio for FREE!
With all the that’s swirling around in our world now regarding COVID-19, we wanted to contribute to all of you in a way that will support you on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I have downloaded from spirit what became a 20-minute audio clearing, process/prayer that goes deep into addressing a little bit of everything from the virus itself to the fear, anxiety, panic, hysteria, depression, and even grief of all the things we are missing right now during this time of isolation and social distancing.
We have set it up so that EVERYONE can listen to the full 20-minute audio right now for FREE for the next 48 hours! Simply click on the button below to access the online audio player.
Listen Here for Free!
We will be streaming this audio for FREE exclusively here on that page so that everyone has access to it globally. You can pass this link along to your family, friends and loved ones and listen to this as often as you wish during this time window.

This recording has clearings for your body’s organs and systems, calming stress and anxieties, fears and worries of illness, death, financial hardship, lifestyle changes, fear of the future and of the unknown aligning your soul to the positive so you can transcend, survive, thrive and come out better on the other side during the coronavirus crisis. I think you will be very surprised and delighted with how deep this goes & it will really help you.

We know this is likely having a big impact on you and your family and all around the world and we are doing everything we can to be a wayshower and help guide you through it and smooth things out.

Everyone take care of yourselves and each other,

P.S. If you want to have your own personal copy of this audio, we are giving you two options for how to get it – read more when you click over to this page.

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