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You all should know my friend Marla Martenson.  We’ve had some fun little video chats around the holidays where we do a lot of clearings and she has me wearing silly hats – (all in the interview archives) But what you may not know is that she is now the author of a new book, “The Buddha Made Me Do It”: A Memoir about how the search for her decorative Buddha statuette lead Marla on her spiritual journey that changed everything. I am also featured in one of the chapters of her book 😉 )  So if spirit moves you to pick up a fast paced summer read, go for it. Available on Amazon now



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It is safe and comfortable for me to have unconditional love for myself and others.  I know how and what it feels like to allow the love within me to flow to other people, places, things, pets and situations.  As I read this now, I witness the transformation that love creates and this pure energy download flows in, around and through me as I read and hear this now.

And so it is on all levels in all space and time, direction, depths, heights and angles now!

From the Fishbox

Hey Hon!  Cool fish story…I was on the phone with Amazon this am over a damaged order and getting a replacement.  The Amazon system was acting flaky and I could tell the CS rep was stressed… She even had to put me on hold and call her supervisor…. I just started fishing and clearing the system issues and her upset… When she returned all was well and the issue resolved… Thanks! Love you!”
~ P.T.

“Before my total knee replacement I called Jimmy to help with the pain that was causing me to not sleep at night and not sit or lay down, which we cleared.  After surgery when I was in rehab and doing physical and occupational therapy I called Jimmy, we made sure my body accepted the new total knee and the new knee accepted being in my body – after this my therapy went much better.   All the therapist working with me had never seen such a quick recovery with full range of motion in my knee.  After my Dr. checkup same response from him he had never see such a quick and full recovery in his 30 years of practice; with results that usually takes up to 4 months to achieve.  I did do all the required pre surgery exercises and all the exercises my therapists wanted me to do daily but I know working with Jimmy made my recovery less pain full and quicker.”

~ B.V.

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Fishfood: The Daily Bread to Feed the Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations forJune 8th

“Today I will remember that Angels are everywhere in all forms. Mystical waves go before me and light wind is behind me. All things come to me through grace, ease, and joy. Spirit will show up today where I least expect it in ways before I could not have imagined.”

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