TGIWednesday! …who has time for 100 yrs of therapy?

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My friend once said, “Jimmy, there is nothing wrong with your clients that 100 years of therapy wouldn’t cure; but who’s got the time and the money?”   Today I hope your Zen finds you.  Other than asking spirit, “Where are my car keys?” I stay out of the question, because I have seen it curl people up on the couch.  I am all about the affirmative statement and just a short statement in general.  When you make a basic statement like, “All of my organs, glands and systems are functioning in harmony and at 100%” (yeah, you may want to write that one down!) then it will either test Yes or No.  If it tests No, fish it out.  By now you should know what to do.  If you do not, then check out my books that will teach you how and then schedule a session.  Any and everything can be changed.  It’s all energy and once you learn how to change things, you can have so much more fun!

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Alex is a pretty bird.

     I had been given an African Gray named Alex.  He was very smart and about as controllable as a two year old.  Alex was a finicky eater with a huge vocabulary.  At dusk he would often climb out of his cage using his beak and claws to slide down the cage stand.  Once on the old wood floors he would waddle over to my bedroom door putting one pigeon foot in front of the other until he came to rest at my closed wood door.  He would use his beak and knock on the door.

     I would always ask, “Who is it” and he would say “Alex” with a yelp of sarcasm as if I was an idiot for even asking.  I would get down on the floor and open the door and put my arm out sideways.  He would take his time putting one foot on my forearm and then the other as if he was undecided.  Slowly he would climb up my arm then shoulder and then standing where his head was next to my ear he would let out a huge sigh and shutter as if he were releasing all the anxiety in the world.  “Wow that was a rough journey for you pal” I would tell him.

Today I will remember that I have it a lot better than most of the world.  If you are reading this with a light in a climate controlled room and have food in your home and a somewhat stable roof with an auto in the driveway.  Congratulations!  You are better off than the majority of the world.  Today I will breathe a sigh of relief and know that I am blessed.

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