TGIWednesday… The Power of I AM

Wow, what a crazy Mercury retrograde.  Glad that’s behind us.  Let’s stay upbeat through the holidays and make every effort to laugh about it all.  At least for today, take yourself and your situation a little less serious.  Stress less, enjoy more and I will envision you as making progress every day.

I am still in pre-press with the next awesome fishing adventure with
My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®  entitled:
“Level 5 Advanced Deep Sea Fishing

…..and of course you will be the first to know when that genie is out of it’s bottle 😉

…Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languages

I know the Creator’s perspective and understanding from the Seventh Plane of Existence of I AM.  I know how to live my daily life with the presence of the I AM and what it feels like and how to recognize the I AM presence in others.  I know how to live without being afraid of letting others know of who I am on all levels.  I know that from this moment on, I am embodying the I AM presence with the grace and ease in the highest and best way.  I know how to remember this forever and beyond.”

No to Yes & Change & so it is from now on!

 Check this out….. I’m being interviewed twice next week……..
  •  Thursday Oct. 22nd at 2pm EST, I’ll be the guest speaker on the Your Divine Uniqueness Telesummit with host Moncef AfkirHis guests are discussing how to Connect to Your Soul & Awaken To Your True Purpose  Free sign up here
  •  On Friday Oct. 23rd at 10am EST I’ll be talking w/ host Dana Williams on the Financial Consciousness Virtual Summit.  Hear me & several other master energy healers discuss ways to clear & reset your vibrational threshold around finances. Starts Monday, click here

Excellent 2-minute meditation link below.  You have two minutes to spare for your adult self today? Oh yes you do!

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