TGIWednesday…. the passing of my father and forgiveness

 “When we can no longer change our situations,
we are challenged to change ourselves.”
– Viktor Frankl

My father crossed over this past Friday during The White House moment of silence in remembrance of those who lost their lives during 9/11.  He always made a grand entrance and I expected no less upon his grand exit.  My relationship with him was like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (if this is unfamiliar to you ask a Star Wars fan or geek; hint, they’re usually the same thing) We made peace at the end and I know that he is now free of the last decade of struggle and can help/contribute more than ever to both you and me!

I covered every prayer base I could.  There was a pastor there when he passed.  My friend who is a priest dedicated this past Friday evening mass to my father.  Another friend who is Buddhist went through the Tibetan Ritual for the dead for safe passage.  Still another who is Mormon said prayers for him and they had his name in their bulletin.  Another who is in Access Consciousness did the Exit Stage Left process prior to his passing.  One of my best friends is Jewish and said prayers as well as made me laugh by reminding me of times we were all together and how funny and chaotic life can be.  Even O’Keefe’s the local Irish pub down the street from our home had firefighters there and trucks in celebration of the day and kilted men played bag pipes throughout the restaurant.

I am thrilled that my sons remember Grampa Jim as like Ernest Hemingway or Teddy Roosevelt (larger than life!).  That makes me smile.  My father was relentless, driven and hunted and fished all over the world.  He was more stream than rock.  You would have liked my father and thought he was cool.  Strangers loved him but he was rough on family.  We grew strong because of it and it makes more sense now than when we were going through it.

I will look back on him fondly and endeavor to remember the good times.  He did instill in me a strong work ethic, follow through and a tenacity and zest for life and to live each day as if it were my last and one day it will be.

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