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Introducing my latest audio release…


…it’s finally here!

MyBeliefworks™ for Optimizing Transactional Space MP3/PDF
So many of my clients over the years have come to me asking for guidance and prayers on various life transactions where they desire the outcomes to fall into their favor.  Whether it’s a pending legal case, a real estate transaction, high-dollar retail purchase or sale, often it’s as common as wanting support in making a better living buying and selling things in their business or service careers.

I believe THIS is the audio that will most contribute to you receiving the greatest support with having more ease with all aspects of these financial transactions. Listening to this audio can have a tremendous effect on the outcomes – as you can read about from the testimonials below.
This is the LOWEST PRICE this will EVER be offered and I encourage you to grab it now and get it downloaded to your computer or mobile phone today!
Plus it’s just in time for the holiday buying season!

Retail $57 (save $20)

FOR TEN DAYS ONLY! Oct 19 – 28th
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Read about the results that listeners are reporting so far…….

“This audio was amazing! I listened to it at work and truly put out what I wanted to increase and since that day we have been tremendously busier!! Even the corporate office noticed!! On top of that, 3 days later I had a self-realization on how to handle some inner issues and face them! This particular audio helped me not only within my business, but my inner demons that I didn’t know how to face as well.” – D.M. / Florida

OMG – when I received your audio on “Optimizing Transactional Space” it was a huge blessing.  Last night I did the audio, faced North, and my body got extremely hot and went from No to Yes – Yes to No and cleared ever so quickly. OMG I cannot tell you how happy I am and will do the audio every morning so I know my best foot is going forward. I adore you and your work. J.P./ Tampa, Florida

“The latest MyBeliefworks audio,Transactional Space, clears the noise from the space of simple and complex transactions. I know that my own negative thoughts interfere with the timing and effectiveness of my desired outcomes. This audio helps to clear the negative weaknesses in the space to allow for the best possible outcomes. As with all of the Belief Works audios, they can be used for every life situation and I am always surprised by the unexpected favorable outcomes.” – P.T. / Georgia

“The content of this audio is astounding.  I recently concluded a very imbalanced relationship in which I was the primary giver. I hadn’t spoken to my ex in almost 2 months and out of the blue he contact me and wanted to give me a surprise, some other items I had monetarily chipped in for, as well as offered to give me money for a shared item that we decided to let him keep. He said he wanted to simply give me what was rightfully mine. The transaction of our relationship improved. We aren’t getting back together, but a wrong or imbalance was balanced.  I highly recommend this audio and furthermore, I highly recommend Jimmy.” – C.C. / Chicago, IL

“Jimmy’s ability to help me to make the big shifts in my life is second to none, and when he begins to speak, things immediately begin to change. This financial MP3 has especially had a profound impact on my immediate cash flow, investments, and several pending business deals in my life.  I’ve recommended several friends, family, patients at my clinic, and even perfect strangers to him over the years, and they have all benefited tremendously from his work and his care. Real change and real results are available…. NOW! God Bless!” J.A. / New Mexico

TGIWednesday Download


While facing North, say each statement out loud to get your Yes or No answer from a standing sway test or from your pendulum.  These ideally should all test as YES, so fish out any negatives to change it to a YES. If it’s already a YES, reverse the fish and grab more strength and bring it down from heaven.

It is safe and comfortable to just be me!

Every day, in every way, my life gets better and better.

It is safe and comfortable to make more money.

Spirit is showing and telling me how to make life changing  moves in a safe and comfortable way.

The ideal romantic partner shows up for me when I least expect it and if I am with them now, they come through and complete me.

I appreciate the little things in life and I am thankful and filled with gratitude for all that I have.

The rest of my life will be the best of my life.

In work, job, career, life sees me as the choice instead of the option and chooses me above all others.

Spirit shows me that I can rebuild my life better than ever before.

I am shown the simple way to have all that I have ever dreamed of with ease, joy, laughter and entertainment.

Fish Food: The Daily Bread to Feed the Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for October 19th

“Today I will recognize the simple, the straightforward and the logical choice. I will avoid that which is hodge podge, slapped together and make shift. I will recognize the easy flow of what makes sense, utilizing sound judgment downloaded into me from the divine.”

Get the book & read the full story of the day at:

From the FishBox

“Dear Jimmy,

Your Liquid Fish is helping me more than anything else in this life!!
Healing others become far more easier than before. “Thanks a lot friend.”

– A.K. / India

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Daily Prayer Service

Now you can live like the rich and famous that have me working on them daily!  I will dial in to you daily upon rising and make certain that you are a clear yes, unclear to no and running forward before you start your day.  I will add you to my daily prayers as well as my computer software which runs 24/7 deleting the negative and increasing the strength of the positive.  This has made a tremendous difference in private clients lives and it is now being offered to everyone.  You can add everyone that lives in your immediate home and yes you can include pets!  Merely include everyone’s names.  You can run this monthly and stop at any time after the 30 days is up you will have the opportunity to renew each month, but are under no obligation.  I know you will actually see and feel the differences that this can make for you.  You can stop or start at any time and this is about 3$’s a day which is less than a trip to Starbucks!  It will create more magic in your life!

After you book any service, Email to confirm your purchase and schedule time together.

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