TGIWednesday & I’m gifting you the winning numbers to this weeks Powerball/Lottery

So hopefully I got your attention.  My favorite lottery story is that I bought 2 plays on the same ticket ($2 total 6 numbers on the first line and 6 numbers on the second line)  the pot was 10 million dollars.  When the numbers came up, I won the first 3 numbers in a row on the first line and the last 3 numbers in a row on the second line!  The ticket paid $9.  Looking back I should of framed it all because if you don’t think spirit has a sense of humor, they do!

Well since I’m in a teasing mood… let me also mention that next Wednesday I’m going to open up a limited time offer for just friends & family and you can get ALL of my latest and greatest good stuff for a very special price.

It takes months to put all of these together and all along the way I am guided by spirit and I know that what ultimately is the final product is the absolute highest and best I can offer to YOU so I get extra happy when I know it’s time to release them!

So be on the lookout for:
…my newest book The Tackle Box which sums up the entire My Liquid Fish technique and answers the most common client questions plus details the to do’s, not to do’s, why’s, how’s and musts!
…the 3 newest MyBeliefworks audios are for Magic 8 Ball: Increasing Your Psychic Intuition, The Inside Job: Changing Beliefs About Work, Job, & Career, Family Relationships: Healing Hurts and Improving Lives.

I’m getting some early feedback from folks who I’ve shared these with and WOW… I’m so grateful to read the glowing comments. Stay tuned…it’s coming soon to a theater near you 😉

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